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Many divorcing and unmarried fathers may feel like they are treated unfairly with regard to child custody, child support, and alimony, among other areas in Utah. In the past, American courts with antiquated views of parenting and marriage would often favor a mother when it came to the awarding of custodial rights, parenting time, and the division of property. This was frustrating for fathers who wanted to spend equal time with their kids and play an active role as parents just as they did during the marriage or relationship.

In many relationships and marriages, fathers may be in charge of raising the children. Others play a significant and vital role in the child’s development. But when your parental rights are infringed by your former spouse or partner or the welfare of your child has been compromised for any reason, it is important to seek immediate representation from a Salt Lake City parental rights lawyer.

While Utah courts are tending to award joint custody in most cases, in some areas of the state fathers need the protection of their inherent rights as parents. If you are concerned about getting the short end of the stick in court, get the experienced legal counsel you need.

Fathers’ rights are vital

Fathers often feel as though they do not have as much leverage as the mother of a child when it comes to custodial rights. Throughout history, it is true that courts have tended to favor the mothers when it comes to custody decisions, but that is not necessarily the case today. However, fathers absolutely need to take steps to protect their parental rights regardless of the situation.

Salt Lake City parental rights attorney Emy Cordano is ready to help dads throughout the state of Utah and through every step of their separation, divorce, or custody battle. This includes fathers who were married to the child’s mother as well as those who were never married to the other parent. Attorney Cordano will help you understand and uphold your rights, and we regularly assist fathers with the following:

In order for you, as a father, to establish and foster a solid relationship with your child, you must have the ability to see them on a regular basis. The first step towards gaining custodial and parent-time rights is establishing paternity. Parental rights attorney Cordano strongly advocates for dads in Salt Lake City and throughout Utah and wants them to understand the challenges they are facing. Attorney Cordano will work to resolve any legal issues concerning paternity as quickly as possible while looking out for your best interests.

protecting your rights and your most important relationships

I am Salt Lake City parental rights lawyer Emy Cordano. I advise and represent fathers in divorce cases, custody and support matters, and more. I fight hard to help them preserve their most important relationships.

As a father, you have the right to maintain a great relationship with your children after a divorce or the end of a relationship. You have the right to fair treatment with regard to your finances. Unfortunately, far too many fathers either do not know their rights or legal options or give up too easily. You need experienced, passionate, compassionate representation. Emy Cordano will be that attorney for you.

As your attorney, I will help you protect your rights with regard to every aspect of your family law case. I will listen to your concerns, carefully explain your rights, walk you through the relevant legal processes, recommend specific strategies for success, and will make sure you and your child/ren are protected under the law. You can contact us by clicking here or call us at 801-804-5152 for an initial consultation.

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Are you seeking the advice of a Salt Lake City parental rights lawyer? The selection of the right legal professional is crucial to getting the best results. Do not choose just any lawyer. Count on the Salt Lake City parental rights attorney with a track record of nearly two decades of protecting the rights of each client and looking out for the best interests. Contact me for a consultation about your case. I can explain your rights and protect those rights if the other party is threatening them.

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