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Children can play a critical role in the breakup of a marriage or the breakup of a relationship. The State of Utah has a direct interest in your case when children are involved. You simply cannot do “as you wish.” Complex disputes over the financial care of children can be overwhelming for many people. It is essential to work with a Salt Lake City child custody lawyer who will listen to your perspective and take the time to understand your family dynamics and protect your interests. 

At my firm, your concerns involving your children will receive the personal attention they deserve. I will take care of you every step of the way. From strategy development through the resolution of your case, you will work directly with me, Attorney Emy Cordano. Together, we will act and make sure we achieve your goals. 

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Complete Child Custody Representation 

Child custody cases can be incredibly difficult, both emotionally and legally. This is often the most emotional aspect of a divorce or separation. In all custody matters, Utah courts prioritize the best interests of the children. However, parents often have dramatically different views on what that means. Methods for resolving issues include negotiation, child custody modification, custody evaluations, and litigation. I will help you set realistic objectives to target the best possible outcome. 

Physical Custody in Utah 

The physical custody of a child determines where the child will reside and for how many overnights out of the year. Physical custody agreements could result in the child spending time residing with both parents (joint physical custody) or with just one parent (sole physical custody).

Legal Custody in Utah 

Legal custody of a child in Utah revolves around which parent(s) get to make decisions regarding major aspects of a child’s welfare. This can include where the child attends school, any medical decisions, their religious upbringing, and more. As with physical custody, parents may share legal custody, or one parent may have sole legal custody of the child. 

Interstate Custody Advocate 

It can be complicated when navigating child custody issues across state lines. I have a thorough understanding of Utah child custody laws, as well as the interstate child custody process. The interstate custody laws require additional attention, and an attorney’s experience in this area is extremely important. I have had many interstate custody cases and have the necessary expertise to expertly advise you if you and the other parent live in different states. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you find yourself in this situation. WE CAN HELP!

Parent Time 

It may be the case that one parent does not have custody of their child. When this occurs, barring any extenuating circumstances, it will be necessary to arrange a parent time schedule for the non-custodial parent. However, it may also be necessary for the custody to change because Utah courts do not look favorably on one parent “hoarding” the child and preventing parent time with the other parent. For this, you need experience on your side. 


In the aftermath of a final divorce or separation child custody agreement, the living circumstances of one or both parents may change over time. This may necessitate that modifications be made to the child custody agreement. Modifications are certainly possible, but they must be done through the Utah family court system. 

Paternity Issues

It may be necessary to resolve a paternity claim for a parent wishing to assert their rights to custody or visitation of their child. A paternity order may be requested by a child’s mother who wishes to receive support from the father. A paternity order may also be requested by a father who wants to take an active role in their child’s life. I can assist you to obtain child support, custody, and parent time.

Creating a Stable and Supportive Environment for Your Child

When it comes to child custody, the well-being and best interests of your child are our top priority. At Emy A. Cordano Attorney at Law, we understand the importance of creating a stable and supportive environment for your child during this challenging time.

Our experienced team of child custody attorneys in Salt Lake City is dedicated to helping parents navigate the complexities of custody arrangements and ensure that their child's needs are met. We work closely with you to develop a comprehensive custody plan that takes into account factors such as:

  • The child's age and developmental needs
  • The child's relationship with each parent
  • The ability of each parent to provide a safe and nurturing environment
  • The child's preferences, if they are old enough to express them

We understand that every family is unique, and we strive to find creative solutions that work for you and your child. Our goal is to reach a custody agreement that promotes the child's well-being and allows both parents to maintain a meaningful relationship with their child.

Whether you are seeking physical custody, legal custody, or need assistance with interstate custody matters, our team has the knowledge and experience to guide you through the process. We also handle modifications to existing custody orders and paternity issues.

Contact Attorney Emy Cordano today to schedule a consultation and discuss your child custody case. We are here to provide the compassionate support and expert legal representation you need during this challenging time.

Understanding the Importance of Creating a Stable Environment for Your Child

When it comes to child custody cases, the well-being and stability of the child are of utmost importance. Creating a stable and supportive environment for your child can greatly impact the outcome of your custody case. Our team at Emy A. Cordano Attorney at Law understands the significance of this and is dedicated to helping you achieve a positive outcome for your child.

Factors that contribute to a stable environment for your child include:

  • Consistent routines and schedules
  • Emotional support and a nurturing environment
  • Adequate living space and basic necessities
  • Access to education and extracurricular activities
  • Healthy relationships with both parents, if possible

By prioritizing the well-being and stability of your child, you can demonstrate to the court that you are capable of providing a loving and supportive environment. Contact Attorney Emy Cordano today to discuss your child custody case and how we can help you create a stable environment for your child.

Contact Attorney Emy Cordano for Your Child Custody Case 

After many years of focused advocacy for fathers and mothers in Salt Lake City, I have handled many complex cases involving custody (including those involving allegations of domestic violence and abuse). I can help you seek a protective order or petition for custody of children who are not receiving proper care. I have fought successfully for my clients’ parental rights when the court or the Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS) has already taken action. 

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