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Work with the top-rated Salt Lake City divorce attorney at EMY A. CORDANO, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Over 18 years of experience, we handle tough cases and win. Come to our Salt Lake City location, or speak to our SLC divorce lawyer today at 801-804-5152
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Fierce advocacy.

Simply put, you’re contemplating hiring a family law attorney who ‘talks the talk’, maybe who can achieve a particular result. Perhaps you’re two steps from running away from an unfulfilling marriage. Maybe you’re needing mediation to avoid sending your divorce into a sometimes-unforgiving court system. You want fierceness because you’re facing issues that require a no-quit attitude.

I’m Emy A. Cordano. Family law is my passion, and success runs through my veins. I’m an intelligent, experienced Salt Lake City divorce attorney ready to help clients combat life’s many challenges. From alimony to parental rights and every legal matter in between, trusted by many yet feared by opposition.

You matter. Your case is personal to me.
Ever felt like your family problems have fallen upon deaf ears? Feel like your attorney is there, but not listening?

Nothing disturbs me more than having conversations with people that seem like they’re mentally floating in some galaxy far, far away instead of paying attention to matters at hand.

I’m educated. I’m a people person. Understanding that every family man and woman walking through the door will have problems indicative to their future parenting or marriages is my job. I do not take cases and ‘categorize’ them; instead, each individual seeking my legal expertise opens a new chapter in my personal practice.

An attorney cannot know and understand a client without having walked in their shoes. I’ve walked in your shoes. Many, many times.

Fearless. Determined. Effective. That’s the representation you want, so that’s what I deliver.

18 years of experience helps get you the results you deserve.

Family law incorporates every aspect of your life. Whether it is the protection of your finances, property and assets along with the custody and visitation rights to your children, it is vital to have an experienced and knowledgeable legal professional on your side.

From the moment a client visits our Salt Lake City law office for their initial consultation, I will take the time to address all your questions and concerns. Once a person becomes a client, we will begin working diligently to help build your case and protect your rights. Over the last 18 years, I have successfully represented men and women for the following types of family law issues:

While every man, woman and child would prefer families stay together forever, fate sometimes has other plans. My job as your Salt Lake City divorce attorney is making sure every issue brought to me gets handled with yours, and your children’s, best interests at heart.

Effective winning strategies for custody & divorce

Families thrive in places where they can work together and communicate properly. If your family has a focus on long-term growth, all members will feel that they become natural parts of something much bigger. However, when communication breaks down, strategies can be implemented to keep the family ‘fabric’ together although there may be several different venues, such as mom’s home and dad’s apartment.

No hard and fast rule exists to fix divorce, which is why I work on dispute resolution and getting custody of children agreed upon.

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You’re My #1 Priority.
Going above and beyond for you is my goal. This means taking every family law related case as seriously as the people who come in. Some issues commonly handled by Emy, the super Salt Lake City family law attorney, include:
  • Full-blown divorce actions and all legal issues raised by this pivotal life event, whether they can be resolved through negotiation, require mediation or ultimately require dynamic representation in trial
  • Visitation orders and the creation of detailed, comprehensive parenting plans suited to specific family needs and circumstances
  • Asset and property division, as well as fair and just division of marital debts.
  • Paternity actions on behalf of mothers seeking support and fathers wishing to take responsibility and claim visitation or custody rights
  • Custodial interference, which can get really sticky if not litigated quickly.
  • Physical and legal custody of children, including intensely disputed cases within or outside of separation
  • Protection orders made necessary by the reality or threat of domestic violence – or sought unjustly by a party seeking an unfair advantage in divorce or a custody dispute
  • Guardianships and adoptions that enable grandparents, stepparents and other responsible caregivers to make important decisions for the welfare and protection of minor children
  • Post-divorce modifications of child support, child custody, visitation or other orders

Family law isn’t perfect, although legal professionals work hard to unify deserving families with children, or at least see to it justice is served in keeping those who harm families far, far away. As such, it is important to understand not every problem can be solved alone. Sometimes it takes the help of others to move on from a difficult situation. Family law problems can often get emotional and even affect your health and happiness. As your legal advocate, my job is to fight to protect your rights, look after your best interest and to help every client navigate effectively through the legal process.

Family Law isn’t just one thing we do, it’s all Emy Cordano knows.

Family law issues can be extremely complex. For many people, it can be intimidating to go inside a courtroom and face a judge. Fortunately, my staff and I will make sure you are never alone. We take pride in providing personable, aggressive and comprehensive legal representation.

I’m a Salt Lake City Divorce Attorney. I only care for families, children and the success stories each can tell through my dedicated litigation of issues arising from broken or abusive homes.

What family issues would you like resolved? There’s not many I haven’t successfully fought or defended.

Tired of broken promises? Emy levels the playing field. And wins.

Emy Cordano takes cases every day. My fees are fair, and my devotion to helping achieve your goals is evident from our first conversation.

Facing an uphill child custody battle with your ex-spouse? Wanting out of your toxic marriage, but would like to make sure everything is shared equally? Finally put an abusive boyfriend or girlfriend in jail, and want to strip their custody or visitation privileges from them?

Emy will level the playing field for you, period. Call today to schedule your one-on-one consultation with the Salt Lake City divorce attorney who has felt your pain.

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Date published: 2018-09-27
5 out of 5

Ms. Cordano and staff has been my rock in this storm of divorce I am navigating. Ms. Cordano your calming, steady presence continues to keep my heart in my chest.

Recently, my/our character was viciously attacked in court. There is one intangible characteristic I take very personally and that is character. Character tells our story without words. Your character in response to the petitioners approach held the standard of professionalism one should expect in these sensitive, stressful situations.

Having worn a uniform in service to my Country and a badge to serve and protect my community, having someones back “Got your 6” is paramount. You have my back.

Thank you – for being you, for being real and being prepared in all situations.

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