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Child Support Lawyer


Child support is an extremely important consideration for almost everyone who divorces with children. Planning for life after divorce requires an accurate assessment of what you can expect to pay or receive. In addition, ensuring that the child support order in your case is fair may require careful financial analysis as well as strong knowledge of the relevant Utah laws and guidelines.

Your Resource for Sound Legal Counsel on High-Income Earner Child Support Cases

Many people also require legal representation to resolve child support issues after or outside of divorce. I can serve as your Salt Lake City child support lawyer whether you are facing divorce, need to pursue enforcement of your order against an uncooperative parent or believe a change in circumstances justifies a child support modification.

Utah child support orders are based on a formula that takes both parents’ incomes, the number of children and time spent with each parent into account. However, many situations call for more than running numbers through a child support calculator. High-income earning parents have unique challenges. My experience and proven capabilities extend to:

  • Conducting investigations to expose hidden or unreported income that must be accounted for within the child support order
  • Protecting child support payers from excessive orders by properly documenting self-employment costs or other business expenses
  • Negotiating and litigating upward deviations from child support guidelines to address special needs children and other unique circumstances
  • Navigating all steps to successfully petition for child support modifications necessitated by a job loss, job change, major change in children’s needs or other events
  • Pursuing paternity claims and appropriate child support orders for unmarried mothers

Do You Need a Salt Lake City child support lawyer?

Not all Salt Lake City area family lawyers handle child support enforcement cases, but it is a clear strength here at Emy A. Cordano, Attorney at Law. With the DHS Office of Recovery Services handling tens of thousands of support claims each year, putting me on your case can dramatically increase your likelihood of success in resolving this serious problem.

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Child Support Concerns

You will receive focused, practical legal guidance when you turn to me, Salt Lake City attorney Emy Cordano, with a child support matter. I take every step possible to protect my clients’ financial interests and their children’s well-being, including pursuing recovery of attorney fees from a nonsupportive parent when possible.