Is It Possible To Alter Child Support Agreements?

Many readers in Salt Lake City probably feel as though actor Charlie Sheen has little in common with them. In many ways, that assessment is likely true. However, Sheen and his ex-wife, Brooke Muller, have been locked in a family law dispute that may seem familiar to a number of people. The former couple recently reached a new child support agreement, which is set against the backdrop of an ongoing custody struggle for their twin children.

Sheen sought to have his child support payments reduced, and his ex-wife objected. The actor was not trying to escape his parental responsibilities; instead, he wanted an arrangement that more accurately reflects the current custody situation. Even though Muller has been receiving child support payments from Sheen, their kids are not living with her. In fact, they are staying with Denise Richards, Sheen’s other ex-wife with whom he has a friendly relationship.

Of course, the situation probably isn’t identical to what many families are dealing with, but the reality is that every family has a unique situation before and after divorce. As such, couples should work try to together to ensure that a divorce settlement meets their needs and continues to do so into the future — especially when children are involved.

Parents who wish to change their child support agreement should look into the possibility of a modification. If a parent can adequately demonstrate that his or her financial situation has changed significantly, it may be possible to adjust monthly payments.

Sheen and Muller recently reached an out-of-court settlement that cuts his obligations from $55,000 to $25,000 per month. However, the latest agreement is subject to change if Muller is granted custody of the kids.

Above all, these kinds of adjustments shouldn’t be made spontaneously, since that could lead to difficult legal consequences. In order to ensure that a child supportagreement is enforced, it is necessary to go through proper legal channels to receive a modification.

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