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On behalf of Emy A. Cordano, posted in Divorce on Saturday, November 24, 2018.

Is it the magical winters that keep couples canoodled? Is it the gorgeous summer hiking or kayaking in Utah’s natural terrain strengthening couples to say together? There is no one reason why Utah’s married couples are sticking together, but its a win for our state and we will take it!

Washington D.C. has the highest rate of divorce at 31%. Utah’s divorce rate is half of that at 15.9%. The national average for divorce still wanes between 40-50%. In comparison, Utah is incredibly low for divorce. Most are under the assumption that people who divorce typically do so because of finances or employment. While these are contributing factors, a recent study suggests that when a partner is stressed out due to external factors than their likelihood to be happy in the marriage decreases. The study looks into the environment surrounding the marriage. So it make sense that if you are trapped in unemployment with no money and in a negative environment with little to no support then your marriage may be the first to go. This is all still speculative, but there seems to be some superficial correlation between happiness and divorce rate.

For example, in a recent study that categorized the happiest states, we can see a trend that the lowest state in most categories that effect employment and economic growth, and environment are also states that show the highest divorce rate. Utah, on the other hand, shows the highest in economic growth, volunteering, lowest working hours and thus lowest in divorce. Does this prove that where you live influences you marriage? Conversely, Florida has the highest divorce rate alongside the lowest economic growth, least safe environment, longest unemployment rate, lowest volunteer rate, and one of the highest divorce rates. Is there correlation between these environmental factors and divorce rates? Maybe so. Or do relationship in Florida fall out of love more so than those in Utah? Maybe so.

Unfortunately, there are no easy answers or any one answer for questions like this. So why is a Divorce Attorney in Salt Lake City excited about Utah being the lowest in divorce? Isn’t that counter intuitive? It may just be because Divorce Attorneys in Salt Lake City get to see first hand marriages at their worst. In the great state of Utah, it is encouraged that couples seeking divorce must see a mediator before taking their case to court. Mediation is important because it gives couples the opportunity to seek separation on their terms. It helps provide empowerment to the newly separated couple and allows the partners to truly discuss their issues. It doesn’t prevent divorces from happening, but it does help clients happiness about the divorce. Maybe this contributes to the happiness in Utah?

If you are seeking a divorce, do not feel as if you marriage has failed. If anything these statistics should prove that you took your marriage seriously and there are even more serious reasons to determine the divorce. Our Emy A. Cordano, Divorce Attorney in Salt Lake City is here to help navigate this new territory with empathy and determination. Call us 801-804-5152 at or click here for more information.

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