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Alimony, which is sometimes known as spousal support or spousal maintenance, is ordered by a court in some Utah divorce cases. In situations in which it is ordered, the amount of alimony will vary depending on both spouses’ incomes or potential incomes, the length of the marriage, and several other factors.

When it comes to divorce, alimony is often a sensitive issue. But it is a necessary part of the process to help a financially weaker spouse get back on their feet. Because the court must consider several different factors, the amount of alimony can often be unpredictable to determine. That is why it is vital to have an experienced and knowledgeable Salt Lake City alimony attorney on your side to get the best results.

We have all heard divorce does not come cheap. Perhaps nothing exemplifies this more than alimony. Countless people throughout Utah are either paying too much for alimony or not receiving enough. The experience and skill level of your legal representation matters. When considering a divorce lawyer, take a close look at their track record and reputation. You never want to take chances on someone who cannot properly represent your interests.

I Am Salt Lake City Alimony Lawyer, Emy Cordano.

I can help you protect your rights with regard to alimony and all other aspects of your family law case. For nearly two decades, I have successfully represented both men and women with their divorce cases. Whether you are paying or receiving alimony, or you anticipate paying or receiving it, you may be concerned about issues such as:

  • Maintenance of the lifestyle you had during the marriage
  • Temporary alimony, lump sum alimony, or permanent alimony
  • The division of property
  • A spouse who stayed home to raise children
  • Modification of a court order regarding alimony
  • The “10-10” or “20-20” rule with regard to military divorce and benefits

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Talk to a salt lake city Alimony lawyer who understands the issues and the emotions

If you are going through a divorce or you need help with alimony-related issues months or years after a divorce, talk to a Salt Lake City alimony attorney who understands the issues and who is experienced in finding real solutions to real problems. Divorce is one of the most stressful things you will ever experience. You need guidance and advice from an attorney who knows the law and who can empathize with the hardship you are facing.

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