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Divorce can bring many changes. One of the biggest is the relocation to a different city or state. Whether the move is prompted by a career opportunity, the need to be with supportive family and friends, or a new relationship, it is especially important to know your legal rights with regard to your children.

In Utah, a family court judge will generally not allow children to leave the state with one parent without the other parent’s consent. However, your case should be evaluated to determine your options for negotiating a move — either yours or your former spouse’s.

Failure to exercise your legal rights can be detrimental to your child’s welfare. The selection of a Salt Lake City child relocation attorney can help resolve many of the complicated legal issues facing divorced parents who either live far apart or may soon face the possibility of moving to a different location. Make sure your parental rights are protected as well as your child’s best interests.

Moving a Child Out of State?

I am Salt Lake City child relocation attorney Emy Cordano. I have extensive experience with “move-away” custody cases of all kinds. As your divorce lawyer, I will work with you to address all the questions surrounding your important divorce or interstate child custody matter, including:

  • Is it worth it to accept a job offer in another state?
  • What is the Utah law known as “the relocation statute,” and how does it apply to me?

Protect Your Parenting Time | Protect Your
Relationship With Your Children

If you are concerned about the impact that relocation could have on your relationship with your child or children, get the detailed legal advice you need. As your attorney, I will protect your parenting time and make sure you reach the best possible outcome with regard to the time you have with your children.

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for a Consultation

As an experienced Salt Lake City child relocation attorney, I can provide legal advice and representation to resolve some of the most complicated issues. My primary objective is to protect your rights as a parent and to make sure your child is placed in the best position to succeed. Contact me for a consultation about your relocation matter.