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Domestic Violence Lawyer Salt Lake City

Domestic violence can have a big impact on many areas of your life, including the custody of your children. It is an issue that can cross the line between civil and criminal law in a complicated way. If you are dealing with domestic violence or allegations of domestic violence, you need the assistance of a mature attorney who knows how to handle this problem with tact and strength.

Domestic violence is always painful and emotionally charged. It can take forms that are physical — hitting, pushing, slapping or sexual aggression, for example — or verbal (threats, intimidation and the like). It can be hidden or downplayed by victims, and it can be covered up by perpetrators. It can also be fabricated or exaggerated in a way that is harmful to everyone involved.

Victims of domestic violence often feel powerless. Countless women and men in Salt Lake City live each day in fear of their partners. But it does not need to continue. The first step is to get help. A Salt Lake City domestic violence lawyer can provide a wide variety of legal resources to help victims regain control of their lives. Many victims of domestic violence do not properly know their rights. An attorney can help provide several legal solutions, such as filing a domestic violence injunction.


I am Salt Lake City domestic violence attorney Emy Cordano. I represent clients in difficult Utah cases in which domestic violence or false allegations of domestic violence have played a role. I can answer your questions about:

  • How to obtain protective orders to stay safe or how to address protective orders against you
  • How accusations of domestic violence might affect custody and visitation arrangements
  • Domestic violence and divorce proceedings
  • Police involvement in your case

If domestic assault or abuse has occurred in your relationship, the consequences can be immense. Be sure to seek proper legal advice if you have concerns. Take the first important step to regaining control of your life. There is no reason to continue living in fear. Contact a Salt Lake City domestic violence attorneywith a track record of nearly two decades of looking out for the best interest of each client.


Are you seeking a Salt Lake City domestic violence lawyer? Call me, Emy Cordano, and schedule a consultation today.