Donald Trump Jr’S Battle In The Divorce Court

Recently the whole world received a shock as the wife of Donald Trump Jr applied for divorce in order to end their thirteen-year marriage. The divorce, which is thought to be uncontested, was filed allegedly because the couple has grown apart living virtually separate lives. Up until June 2017, there seemed to be no love lost between the couple, in fact, Vanessa Trump frequently retweeted her estranged husband’s post about family such as pictures and statements regarding their life as a family. The pictures posted by Trump Jr have also changed since February showing only photos of him and his children giving the distinct impression that this divorce was certainly on the cards. While filing for divorce Vanessa Trump had a huge team of lawyers to guide her through the process, but what steps should you take when you decide to take the plunge.

What is serving divorce?

Once you have filed for divorce, the next step is letting the other party know that you have filed them by serving divorce papers. The reason for serving papers is to let the other party know that the petition for divorce has been filed. The papers that the other side is served with will include details of the petition filed also including a date for when the recipient has to reply to the papers.

How papers are served

In Utah to serve papers initially, the person filing for divorce must file papers to the clerk in the state where they wish to get divorced. This is called the petition for divorce and will set out the details of the marriage such as length and children. It also includes the name of the person filing for divorce and the reason for the breakdown of the marriage.

In some cases, there will be a temporary court order that is issued. This temporary order will layout details of important issues while the divorce proceeding commences. It will outline the amount of child and spousal supportthat will be paid and who will have custody of the children. It will also outline who will stay in the marital home and exactly how bills and other financial obligations will be split.

Once these are outlined you have 120 days to serve the papers to the other party and allow them time to respond. The papers served must be copies and not the originals because the originals then need to be returned to the court so they can file them. If the papers aren’t filed in time then the court might extend the time period if there is a request made to the court, otherwise, the case will be dismissed.

Filing for divorce can be a tricky and confusing process that must be done correctly and a Salt Lake City divorce lawyer will help guide you through the process. A Salt Lake City divorce attorney will ensure that you receive the best outcome for your children. For advice from a Salt Lake City divorce attorneyplease contact our experienced lawyers at Emy A. Cordano on (801) 901-8159.

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