How To Help Your Children Through Divorce?

Recently the divorce education program in Utah has been awarded the 2018 Liberty Bell award by the Utah State Bar. This class that is set in a courtroom, is completely free of charge and aims to teach children how to cope during the emotional trials and tribulations of their parents’ divorce.

While it is great to have this resource to help your children through this troubled time, it is also essential to remember that it is very important for parents to understand what their child is going through and help them to deal with it at home.

It is very important that while you are in front of your children you put on a brave face. This may mean having to control your emotions, as no child likes to see their parents upset. Children pick up on signs very easily and not only will be seeing a parent in distress than, in turn, cause the child distress, it may also begin to alienate them from the other parent. This is also the reason why it is important for you to not belittle the other party in any way in front of the children. This means holding back on the arguments and sarcastic remarks. It is always good to keep in mind that just because you two are no longer important to each other you are to your children. The financial situation may also be a burden while you are debating and arguing with the co-parent about things such as child support and spousal support. It is important that the children do not realize these things and are kept away from all conversations regarding finances.

While one parent may end up losing considerable time with their children due to the divorce, this should not impact the amount of effort you as a parent put in with your kids. Neither should you let these changes impact the fulfillment of obligations toward your children and their needs? One of the most important obligations to make sure you fulfill is to provide a listening ear. Remember that your children will have many questions and it is important for you to be available to answer these questions and answer them in the most sensitive and open way possible.

It is very tempting when trying to explain to your children why the divorce is taking place, to place blame, and explain to children what each parent has done wrong. Instead, the best route to take is to explain to your children that even though you and your former partner might not love each other you will always love the children unconditionally and your love for them is not something that will lessen.

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