Divorce 101- What You Should Know

Ending a marriage is one of the most devastating events a person could ever face. It can be overwhelming to deal with issues related to living arrangements, property division, and parenting schedules. Due to the emotional impact of divorce, it may be difficult to focus on your family and make sound decisions. This is why hiring an experienced Salt Lake City divorce attorney can be beneficial.

A few tips can help you make the whole divorce process more amicable and achieve the desired outcome:

  • It is not about winning or losing – Many people expect to win a divorce battle by engaging in constant arguments with a former spouse. It is common for divorcing parents to expect too much yet it is rare for them to end up with everything they want. For instance, one parent may be awarded physical custody but may receive less alimony. So there is no winner or loser.
  • Think before making important decisions – It is important you consider how a divorce battle can affect the outcome of your case. Some important aspects such as whether to keep the family home can affect your finances in the years to come. Take your time and determine what’s truly important to you and your family.
  • Avoid unnecessary arguments with your soon-to-be former spouse – Don’t say cruel things you may regret later on. Contentious divorces can be long and costly. Also, remember your child needs to keep in touch with your former spouse, no matter how difficult he or she might be. You can always seek counsel for you and your children to cope with the situation and the advice of a family law attorney to know what legal steps to take.
  • Don’t obsess about the past – You must forget the past and move on. Focus on the future and make wise decisions. Your attorney will help you focus on important issues such as when you get to see your children, where are you going to live, and so on.
  • Try to avoid trial unless extremely necessary – Not all divorce cases require the court’s intervention. Sometimes divorcing couples hire a mediator. It can be an attorney with experience in contentious divorce cases. The mediator or attorney will make sure all parties agree on important divorce aspects. If the parties don’t agree then the trial may be necessary.
  • Be honest with your attorney – You need to provide your Salt Lake City divorce attorney with important information in order to analyze your case properly. Remember your attorney can find out these facts so if you don’t provide them during the initial stages of your divorce case, chances are they will harm your case later on. Also, you will face penalties when you fail to comply.

If you want to file for divorce in Salt Lake City and you are not sure about which laws apply to your specific situation, call us today and schedule a confidential case assessment with family law attorneyEmy A. Cordano.

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