Parenting New Year’S Resolutions

It is the beginning of the year when everyone is looking for a fresh start. Whether that includes being a better parent, spouse, or improving any other area of your life, this is the perfect time to rethink your life. It is particularly useful for newly divorced parents to make some changes to their existing divorce agreement with the help of a Salt Lake City divorce modifications attorney.

Encouraging your children

Divorce can be painful for children. They may experience painful emotions and behaviors. It is difficult for divorced parents to encourage their children when they feel discouraged. But this should be the main goal and priority. The way parents react to different situations can have a lasting impact on their children. Parents should always encourage their children to share their feelings through and after divorce. Also, children should understand what’s going on without being drawn into the conflict. They should know where they will live and what’s expected to happen in the coming weeks, including visitations scheduled. They will eventually adapt to the new life but they should be encouraged along the way.

New routines and rules

Co-parenting can be challenging for newly divorced parents, especially for couples who argue often over parenting styles. While it is okay to share your custody concerns and review your parenting goals, each parent should feel free to pick a parenting style. As long as each parent keeps a consistent enough schedule, the children can adapt quickly to new routines.

Modifying child support

Raising a child can be very costly, especially for parents who don’t make much money. This is why parents are allowed to make changes to their current child custody agreement. However, in order for these changes to take place, some requirements should be met, including:

  • Income fluctuations
  • Change of residency
  • Health insurance costs

Enjoy more your time with your kids

This is the first and most important parenting resolution. No matter how busy your schedule maybe, your children should be your top priority. Your children want to create lasting memories with you and you can lead them in a positive direction. So when your kids are with you, take advantage of every moment and do the things they enjoy. You don’t need an expensive Fiji Islands vacation. Just be there for them when they need you and do things together they will remember as adults.

How to get more parenting time

The most important resolution to be a better parent in the new year is building a special relationship with your kids. The focus is not on winning a custody battle but rather on getting more involved in your children’s lives. If you need more parenting time, call us today and schedule a consultation with Salt Lake City child custody attorneyEmy A. Cordano. We understand that courtrooms can be intimidating and custody battles can be intense. This is why we are here for you, to handle every aspect of your divorce so you can focus on your family.

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