How To Tell Your Spouse You Want A Divorce?

After being unhappy for quite a while, you have decided it’s time to tell your spouse you are pondering divorce. You feel your light has gone out and the only exit strategy left is parting ways. But you must first tell your spouse and that’s not always easy. Most divorce cases are initiated by women so it’s difficult, especially if there are children involved. A Salt Lake City divorce attorney can help you with the whole process.

What should you say?

What you say and how you say it are two important things you must keep in mind when telling your spouse. Although he or she will be surprised to hear the news, it’s worth trying. Pick the right place and time. Some people feel guilty about their children and may have a hard time expressing their thoughts. Remember, your spouse already knows you are unhappy and you have both wished things would get better but they don’t. The next step should be a natural part of the process.

When it’s time to pour out your heart, be sensitive yet firm about your decision. Tell your spouse that the marriage can’t continue and that you have been having a hard time together. Tell him or her that you can’t continue any longer and that you understand it’s a painful process but divorce it’s the wisest decision at this point.

Your spouse may try to talk you out of your decision

Every relationship is different so it may take some time for some spouses to accept the divorce. In some cases, the spouse thinks everything is fine. The more he or she is shocked at the news, the more time it will take to accept that you are not meant to be together. Choose the appropriate time and turn off your cellphones. If you have children, take them to your parents’ or anywhere else they are fully attended.

When you first tell your spouse, be prepared for a lengthy discussion and expect anger and resentment to arise. Your spouse’s first impulse may be talking you out of it. He or she will mention your kids and how this decision can be devastating for the whole family. You will be accused of many things and he or she may end up yelling at you. Stay calm and don’t take it personally. These are natural responses. Even in the best of scenarios, spouses may disagree about child custody, asset division and other aspects of divorce. This is why it’s best to ask your Salt Lake City divorce attorney about ways to ease the process.

Life goes on

Divorce is a personal decision. Only you and your spouse can make this difficult decision as only you both know what’s best for the family. One thing is true, nobody likes living in a loveless marriage. If you have tried everything to fix your relationship, perhaps it’s time to call it quits.

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