Does Your Divorce Attorney Protect Father’S Rights?

Does Your Divorce Attorney Protect Father’s Rights?

Being a dad isn’t easy. There are many pressures to balance a family and professional life. It can be especially difficult when you are a divorced dad. When it comes to divorce, many fathers believe the law does not provide fair treatment. One of the challenges for Salt Lake City divorce attorneys is to ensure each client is treated fairly in a court of law. While ensuring a level playing field in the courtroom is not always easy, it can often come down to the ability of the divorce attorney to protect the father’s rights.

There are few things more precious than the relationship between a parent and their child. But far too often, fathers are left behind when it comes to the protection of their parental rights. Just the notion that fathers do not have the same parental rights as mothers should be appalling to everyone with a family. Although Utah family law is supposed to be gender-neutral, many attorneys and judges continue to interpret statutes with their own personal beliefs that tend to be filled with bias.

One of the biggest disadvantages men immediately encounter is outdated stereotypes. While women have made tremendous progress in their professional lives, the same cannot be said for men in divorce court. The disparity between men and women in child custody and visitation arrangements has led to the creation of specialized law firms that cater to men and father’s rights. While there seems to be a new gender war brewing in Utah family courts, the objective for any Salt Lake City divorce attorney representing a father is to achieve fairness. Here are some statistics that illustrated the tremendous obstacles men face in divorce court.

Statistics that men face in Divorce Court

  • Only 17.8% percent of fathers are granted custody of their children.
  • Custodial fathers receive an average of $700 less in child support than mothers.
  • Only 30% of custodial fathers are awarded child support compared to 55% of their female counterparts.

In addition to these daunting numbers, there are also several other factors that come into play. For example, men are more likely to face false allegations of domestic violence and abuse. The vast majority of protective orders are also filed against men. Many are used as part of a tactical divorce strategy rather than to protect a spouse from abuse. On the other hand, one in seven victims of domestic violence is male. However, men have a much more difficult time getting the protection they need. They are also more disproportionately affected by permanent alimony, paternity fraud, and putative father registries.

A Salt Lake City Divorce Attorney Can Help

Attorney Emy A. Cordano understands many of the challenges and obstacles facing her male clients when it comes to divorce. Whether it is the proper division of assets, child custody, or visitation, she and her staff work diligently both in the courtroom and behind the scenes to ensure each client is treated fairly in a court of law. To learn more, contact her law office today in Salt Lake City and schedule a consultation to discuss your case.

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