What If Your Ex Spouse Abducts Your Child?

Child custody is one of the most emotionally charged aspects of divorce. When one parent loses the rights to their children, it can be devastating. In some cases, it can also bring out the worst in people. Once a divorce settlement is finalized, both parties are required to honor to terms of conditions handed down by the court. While most people abide by the laws of Utah family courts, there are others who take the law into their own hands. The results can be disastrous. Among the most serious is child abduction.

When Child Custody Turns Into Kidnapping

We have all seen movies about children being kidnapped and taken for ransom by the bad guys. But what if the bad guy happens to be your former spouse and one of your child’s parents? It can make the situation even more complicated. Police generally do not get involved in family disputes. But when it comes to domestic violence and kidnapping, it is vital to get law enforcement involved as soon as possible. In today’s Digital Age, Amber alerts have become a valuable tool to recover missing and kidnapped children throughout the country. Once a child abduction has been reported and confirmed by police, Amber alerts are immediately transmitted to smartphones and digital devices with an extensive radius of where the abduction took place.

Turning to a Private Investigator for Assistance

When a child is abducted, it is important to turn to as many legal resources as possible. Many parents in Utah have chosen to hire a private investigator. Although these services can be expensive, they can also be very effective. Unlike traditional law enforcement, Salt Lake City private investigators are able to devote more time to the needs of their clients.

The Benefits of Restraining Orders

Many child abductions can be prevented by getting a restraining order. If you have an ex spouse who is abusive, makes threats or is constantly stalking, obtaining a restraining order can be your best defense. With help from an experienced and knowledgeable Salt Lake City divorce attorney, obtaining a restraining order becomes much easier.

International Child Custody Disputes

Perhaps the most complicated child custody matters are those that go beyond our borders. Unfortunately, once a parent abducts a child and flees to another country, the laws become more difficult to enforce. The best case scenarios involve fleeing parents that enter a country that has agreed to an international treaty with the United States. A prominent public official may be able to negotiate the safe return of your child. However, if a child is taken to a country without a treaty, it is the best contact an attorney that specializes in international disputes.

A Salt Lake City Divorce Attorney Can Help

Divorce can sometimes get complicated. But when a former spouse refuses to abide by a divorce decree, such as violating child custody, visitation, alimony and child support, it is important to seek assistance from an experienced legal professional with a track record of protecting the rights of each client. For nearly two decades, Salt Lake City divorce attorney Emy A. Cordano has successfully represented countless clients. She utilizes an aggressive and comprehensive approach to help place each client in the best position to succeed. To learn more, contact her Salt Lake City family law office and schedule a consultation to discuss your case.

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