Why Divorce Is More Difficult For Men

Divorce can be a bitter struggle. Anytime a long-term relationship comes to an end, it can be devastating both emotionally and financially. When it comes to divorce, it is often said there are no winners. But there is definitely plenty to lose. But who stands to lose more–men or women? More often than not, the answer is men. The lazy argument is men generally make more money and have more to lose financially. But that is only part of the equation. There are some other overlooked factors many people do not take into consideration.

Here are some scary statistics. Did you know divorce can affect your health? According to a study conducted by the Journal of Men’s Health, divorced men are more likely to contract heart disease, high blood pressure, and strokes than their married counterparts. They are also 39 percent more likely to commit suicide or engage in risky behavior. Although popular opinion suggests women tend to be more emotional, there is more scientific evidence that suggests it may be the opposite when it comes to divorce. Here are some reasons why.

The Lost Sense of Identity

Many men fall into the trap of letting marriage define who they are. When a marriage comes to an end, men often get a sense of losing their identity. For years, they have spent much of their lives with a partner to provide emotional support and sexual fulfillment. One solution is to work on rebuilding confidence by joining an organization or getting involved in a new activity. It not only allows men to branch out and meet new people, but it also gives them the opportunity to regain a sense of fulfillment by accomplishing new and different goals.

Paternal Instinct is Challenged

For many men, the sense of family is the backbone of their relationship. It can be a difficult transition to go from being the head of a household to being completely out on your own. It is important for men to remain a major part of the lives of their children. Although women typically are awarded primary child custody, the bond between a father and their children can be very therapeutic.

Men Do Not Grieve Properly

Divorce and death are two completely different things. However, both can cause a huge void that is seen as irreplaceable. Because men have a tendency to bottle up their emotions, it can lead to deeper feelings of depression. Psychological issues can often become powerful triggers for high blood pressure. Depression involves much more than just feeling depressed. It can also lead to physical issues, including pain and less physical activity leading to obesity and heart disease.

How a Salt Lake City Divorce Attorney Can Help

Attorney Emy A. Cordano has represented countless men and women in divorce cases for nearly two decades. Over the years, she has seen first hand how divorce can tear apart the lives of so many people. Not only does she provide representation and legal counsel, but she also places an emphasis on preparing clients for life after to divorce. To learn more about how a Salt Lake City divorce attorney can help, contact Emy A. Cordano, Attorney at Law, and schedule a consultation to discuss your case.

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