Do Your Best To Retain An Attorney For Your Divorce Or Custody Case As Soon As Possible

Why You Need To Hire A Family Law Attorney Quickly

When things become rocky in a relationship, that does not necessarily mean the separation will be the ultimate outcome. However, couples that do end up divorced or separated often have a hard time finding that point when the line has been crossed, and separation becomes imminent. In some cases, one party may hold out hope while the other has moved on and has made up their mind to end the relationship. Here, we want to talk about some of the reasons why it is absolutely crucial that you seek assistance from a skilled family law attorney in Salt Lake City sooner rather than later. Retaining an attorney now will mean less litigation or stress in the future. Paying for an attorney now will save you a lot of money in the future. Typically when parties do not retain an attorney (or when only one party retains an attorney), the unrepresented party will almost certainly have to retain an attorney in the future to undo the damage done to them upfront. Most parties don’t realize “how bad” the situation is until a year or three after the court order is entered.

Paying for an attorney now might be prohibitive but it’s best to do whatever you can to hire an attorney upfront. It’s much easier to do things right from the start to protect yourself, rather than having to undo years of injustice later. The terms of your decree set the tone between the parties going forward and more importantly, set the legal precedent that will directly affect your parental rights. The sooner your rights are handled correctly and in accordance with equity, fairness, and respect, the better for you. Retaining the services of an attorney like Emy Cordano, with 21 years of experience, will be well worth it in the short run and most certainly in the long run. If you have to fix a legal mess or predicament after the fact, or down the road, the cost will likely treble what you would have paid upfront. Emy Cordano can help you figure out a payment structure and how best to afford an attorney. We are ready to help, regardless of whether or not you are married and divorcing or separating and dealing with child custody and child support issues.

Your spouse may have an attorney already

One of the most important reasons that you need to hire a skilled Salt Lake City divorce or custody attorney quickly is because your significant other may have already retained an attorney. There is no doubt that regardless of whether or not your spouse or partner has an attorney, you need this expert by your side. Divorces and separations can become complex, and an attorney will be able to ensure that the process is handled correctly and more importantly, fairly. If you do not have an attorney, but the other party does, it is entirely possible that you will be mistreated and may not even realize it.

You do not know Utah’s laws

Unless you are an attorney who specializes in family law in Utah, chances are you are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of the laws regarding separation. Emy Cordano is a professional who understands all Utah’s divorce laws and what you are entitled to receive by law in the event you separate from your spouse. In order to ensure you receive the most beneficial terms possible out of your divorce, including those related to child support, the division of assets, and child custody, secure Emy Cordano, a skilled Salt Lake City family law attorney as soon as possible.

We also realize that couples who are not married also face challenges when separating, particularly when it comes to minor children. Issues of child custody and child support can be immensely complicated, and you must follow Utah laws to reach an adequate and fair solution. Attorney Emy Cordano will also help ensure that the paternity of any children involved is established, something that is crucial when it comes to custody and visitation decisions, as well as child support payment obligations.

Reduce your stress during the separation process

A divorce or separation can be stressful for every party involved. Sometimes, one or both parties will delay seeking assistance from an attorney because they think they can handle everything by themselves. However, separating couples often quickly become stressed, and this can spill over into their everyday lives, including their ability to function at work. By working with Emy Cordano, a skilled Salt Lake City legal separation lawyer early in the process, you will have a professional by your side who can handle all the work for you so you can remain focused on rebuilding your personal life.

Do What’s Right Now

Call our Salt Lake City family law attorney today

If you live in Utah and are considering divorcing your spouse or leaving an unmarried partner, speak to Emy Cordano as soon as possible. When you turn to family law attorney Emy Cordano for help with your case, you are gaining an advocate who understands Utah divorce, child custody, and child support laws and will work to uphold your rights. Attorney Emy Cordano is a qualified and experienced Salt Lake City family law lawyer who can handle every aspect of your separation. You can contact us by clicking here or call us at (801) 901-8159 for an initial consultation.

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