The Burden Of Healthcare Costs For Utah Residents And How It May Affect Child Support

Salt Lake City child support attorney, Emy Cordano, knows that today more than ever before, costs of healthcare are a significant factor when it comes to child support considerations. Medical care and drug costs have increased at an alarming rate and well beyond the costs of inflation over the years, leaving many people financially strapped or unable to afford healthcare. And this is why providing health insurance and paying for out of pocket costs for children in divorce and child support cases have become such a significant factor.

KUTV recently reported some concerning numbers regarding Utah residents and the affordability of healthcare. It turns out that a majority of people in Utah have felt significant burdens in affording healthcare and an even larger percentage of people have major concerns about being able to afford healthcare in the future. As indicated by survey results, Utah residents are increasingly troubled by the following issues related to healthcare:

  • Not having access to upfront pricing. Patients do not know how much they are ultimately going to be charged for treatments and procedures, so there is no real way to price shop for these treatments.
  • The struggle to afford medications due to out of control drug costs.
  • Skipping needed healthcare because of being unable to afford related medical costs.
  • Getting medical bills for necessary care received, but struggling to pay those bills.
  • 85% of Utahans are concerned about being able to afford healthcare in the future.

Utah child support calculations

When it comes to child support, healthcare coverage for children is a real issue and consideration. In Utah, both parents have an obligation to contribute to their children’s support, which involves three parts: base child support, medical care, and childcare expenses. Utah’s child support calculations are generally based upon the following factors:

  • Custody arrangements and how much time children will spend with each parent.
  • The number of children each parent has with a different person.
  • The amount of previously ordered alimony was paid by each parent.
  • The amount of previously ordered child support was paid by each parent.
  • Each parent’s gross income.

Child support and healthcare obligations

In general, parents in Utah are responsible for sharing the costs of healthcare for their children. When insurance coverage for a child is reasonably available, parents will split the premiums and any out of pocket expenses such as deductibles and copays. There are some exceptions to this general rule and different arrangements may be agreed to in divorce negotiations, but otherwise parents will be responsible for splitting the costs of healthcare including insurance and dental care.

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