The Internet, Social Media, And Divorce: How Far Is Too Far?

When it comes to divorce, the days of he said she said have elevated to an entirely new level thanks to the Internet and social media. Salt Lake city divorce attorney, Emy Cordano knows that the Internet often makes an already difficult divorce even more difficult because divorcing spouses have access to a wealth of information thanks to social media and other online information sites. Social media is frequently used as evidence in divorce cases, which is why our divorce experts recommend avoiding social media during divorce proceedings and if you do decide to use it, proceeding with caution is of the utmost importance.

Common internet and social media issues in divorce

See below for some of the most common Internet and social media issues that arise in our divorce cases:

  • Posting photos and videos of children online is occasionally a battle in divorce cases. Sometimes a parent will object to any photos of children being posted online or sometimes the complaint relates to the appropriateness of the photos posted or security and privacy concerns for the child.
  • Revenge porn or other personal information posted online by a feuding spouse presents legitimate privacy and safety concerns that are popping up more and more often in divorce battles.
  • Posting disparaging comments about a spouse is all too common during contentious divorce proceedings. Not only can these social media posts lead to defamation suits if they are untrue, but posting negatively about a soon to be ex is not advised, especially when children are involved because judges tend to frown upon that type of activity.
  • Using technology to invade a divorcing spouse’s privacy such as using Find My iPhone or other technology to track a spouse.
  • Following social media pages to find out what a divorcing spouse is doing happens frequently. We have seen them show up at restaurants and coffee shops after clients post a selfie or food photo on Instagram or Snapchat that indicates their current location. We have also had clients whose divorcing spouses show up at a new significant other’s house or place or work thanks to information found online.
  • Questions of hidden assets or truthful income disclosures may be raised when social media photos of a spouse who has reported low income and assets evidence extravagant spending including pricey vacations, new cars, and expensive personal belongings.

How we can help

Our divorce experts can help in a number of ways when an ex has gone too far in misusing the Internet and social media relating to you or your child. Depending on the circumstances, we may send a letter asking your spouse to cease his or her objectionable conduct, involve local authorities when conduct elevates to a criminal level or when there are true safety concerns, seek judicial intervention to place parameters and restrictions on social media posts, and take action for violation of orders.

Salt Lake City divorce attorney, Emy Cordano knows that divorces and every other aspect of family law can be difficult and stressful and she will be your fiercest advocate when it comes to your best interest and your children’s best interest. She will stand up to your greatest obstacles and fight for your rights every step of the way.

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