Who Gets Child Custody?

Divorce is complicated. When you add children to the mix it can seem almost impossible. Parents who choose to divorce have their reasons that are completely valid and which should be respected by all those in their community. However, not everyone in your family is going to approve the divorce despite piling evidence that your partner is not healthy for you or you are not healthy for each other. In fact, there will be plenty of strangers who will try to weigh in on your divorce too. Some will empower you while others will make you feel guilty. Despite everyone’s opinion, you must continue your path and trust your process.

When you start to include children in the mix, the opinions can get harsher. You may start to feel defeated and like a bad parent. Let our Child Custody Attorney at Emy A. Cordano, Attorney at Law in Salt Lake City help you find the balance that works best for you. Our Child Custody Attorney has personal experience with divorce and years of experience with child custody issues. By hiring an attorney with personal experience not only helps your success rate in finding a compromise, but we can also help you through the emotional times.

What To Expect

Every family looks different and requires a different kind of plan. Some believe that mothers are always the one who gets custody, but that simply isn’t true. Courts today are more apt to see who, mother or father, is more stable to provide a home for their children. Fathers have just as much chance as mothers for caring for their children. Grandparents are also seen as stable participants in children’s lives too. The courts are more interested in protecting the child and ensuring that the child is given a loving, stable home that they are willing to hear from parent or grandparent who is willing to open their arms and home.

Then there are also the challenges of distance. Interstate custody can feel daunting at first, but by consulting with our Child Custody Attorney, we will make sure that goals are set and met. Creating a plan for your children to visit when a parent lives in a different state is completely possible without feeling like a headache or that you are being cheated on time with your child. By hiring a Child Custody Attorney we can ensure that the plan is made and it is followed through. Having a Child Custody Attorney on your side not only helps with rifling through the emotional mess that is planning custody time, but we can also ensure that if plans change then there is the official documentation for that change.

What To Do

No matter what stage you are in the divorce, from beginning to after it is over, our Salt Lake City Child Custody Attorney is here to follow you and your family all the way through. We know that your family is your priority. We know that you are doing all you can. We want you to know that you don’t have to do it alone. Call (801) 901-8159 or click here to start a conversation with our professionals today.

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