Millennials Changing The US Divorce Rate

That millennial generation that everyone has an opinion about is not exactly young anymore, and it seems they are doing some things differently. Studies show that they are actually staying married, at least more so than the previous baby boomer generation.

From 2008 to 2016, the divorce rate actually dropped 18 percent according to the University of Maryland sociologist Philip Cohen. He discovered that marriages that happen today have a much better chance of lasting than marriages did ten years ago.

“The change among young people is particularly striking,” says sociology professor Susan Brown. It seems that some people are getting married later in life after they have a bit of education and stability. Others are choosing not to get married at all.

We do know that divorce is still going to occur. For a variety of reasons, it is sometimes the best route a couple can take moving forward. Emy A. Cordano is ready to help when you need a Salt Lake City divorce attorney.

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