Can You Ride Out The Rough Patch, Or Is It Time For Divorce?

All relationships and, therefore, all marriages, have their ups and downs, but does a rough patch always mean it is time to call it a day and file for divorce? While it can be tough to push through a particularly difficult time in your relationship, recent research suggests that riding out the rough patch could mean not only that you and your spouse get your relationship back on track, but potentially that you end up with an even better one. The study, which was carried out by researchers from Brigham Young University, suggests that all marriages go through rough patches – most often between years 2 to 5 and 8 or 9 – but, if both spouses are committed to working on the relationship, the marriage could be better than ever afterward.

Of course, there are certain behaviors, such as domestic violence, which should never be ignored or considered a rough patch that can be worked out but, if you and your spouse find that your marriage seems less than perfect, it is not necessarily time for divorce just yet. As divorce can be a turbulent and traumatic experience for you, your spouse, any children you may have, and your families, it is important to be absolutely certain that you are making the right decision before going ahead.

If you have tried everything in your power, and still feel as though your marriage is beyond repair, your next port of call should be an outstanding, experienced Salt Lake City divorce attorney.

Divorce in Salt Lake City – What You Need to Know

Divorce is never a decision to be taken lightly, particularly when you and your spouse have children. That said, it is sometimes unavoidable, and nobody should ever stay in a miserable marriage just for the sake of the children. Despite what you may think, your children will pick up on the hostility and, generally, will be much happier after their parents’ divorce than they were when unhappy parents lived together.

To help make your divorce as stress-free and smooth as possible, it is important to work with an expert Salt Lake City divorce attorney, who can use their extensive legal knowledge and expertise to help you navigate the complexities of Utah divorce law. A truly excellent divorce lawyer will guide and support you throughout the process, answering any questions you may have, including:

  • Am I going to lose my house?
  • How much will a divorce cost me?
  • If I am currently a stay-at-home parent, will I be forced to return to work?
  • What can I do if I think my spouse is hiding information or assets?
  • How can we know what child custody arrangements are best for all of us?
  • Can I move out of state with my children?
  • What will happen to our pensions?

There are sure to be countless questions flying around your head as you consider divorce, and your Salt Lake City divorce attorney will have the answer to each and every one. That is, as long as you choose to work with an esteemed, trustworthy lawyer.

Speak to an Expert Salt Lake City Divorce Attorney Today

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