Utah Child Custody Attorney Scam Shows Importance Of Choosing Wisely

Child custody can be a very emotional topic, particularly as there tends to be some kind of traumatic experience making the case necessary. The most common reason for child custody being discussed and decided in the courts is divorce, but it also becomes a concern due to abuse, or other issues within the family. When you are dealing with such an important, and emotionally-charged, matter, it is important to choose your child custody attorney carefully – after all, you do not want to take any chances with the future wellbeing of a child, particularly one who has already had some difficult experiences. As a recent Salt Lake City child custody attorney scam shows, you should research your attorney thoroughly before making a decision.

Grieving Family Targeted by Child Custody Scammer

When Nick Rutherford and April Carter were charged with causing the death of their 17-month-old baby in September last year, their four other children were placed into the care of Utah Child and Family Services. Understandably, the extended family, who were grieving not only the loss of the baby, but also the four siblings, welcomed contact from Deborah Hatch, who promised help in regaining custody of the surviving children. Hatch set up a GoFundMe page, and told the family she was working with a Salt Lake City child custody attorney to get the children home from state care.

When the family eventually became suspicious due to inconsistencies in Hatch’s story, they found that she had no connection to the lawyer in question, and had, in fact, stolen the $1,5000 they had paid towards child custody attorney fees, as well as $500 from the GoFundMe page. Thanks to the GoFundMe guarantee, it is envisaged that the family will be able to recover the funds, although may not see the $1,500 they paid out of their own pockets. Hatch faces multiple counts of fraud.

Work with an Experienced Salt Lake City Child Custody Attorney

As you are sure to have the best interests of your children at heart, a child custody battle is never easy. Whether you are having to make a decision due to divorce, abuse, or another family law matter, you should ensure your legal representation is outstanding. No matter how rational, logical, and reasonable you, and your child’s other parent, normally are, it can be incredibly tough to keep your emotions out of such a naturally challenging situation.
Using the skills and expertise finessed during years of Salt Lake City child custody cases, Emy A. Cordano, Attorney at Law, can assist with:

  • Modifying existing child custody orders when circumstances have changed significantly
  • Paternity claims
  • Allegations of abuse and/or domestic violence, generally involving guardianship petitions or protective orders
  • Any other child custody, child support, or Salt Lake City family law matter requiring expert legal counsel

To learn more about how Emy A. Cordano and her excellent legal team could set your case up for the best possible outcome, call today on (801) 901-8159 to schedule your initial consultation.

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