Your Ex Is Engaged! – Now What?

If you got divorced a few years ago and found love along the way, chances are you will get remarried. But what happens when your former spouse is the one retying the knot. Will that affect your child support payments? Most people that get remarried plan to have more children or adopting the ones from the new spouse’s previous marriage. Whatever your situation might be, make sure you hire an experienced Salt Lake City child support attorney familiar with state laws. Under some specific circumstances, remarriage can affect child custody.

Some divorcees believe that once a former spouse remarries, their children will receive less child support. Not exactly true. Child support payments are not reduced based on whether a parent chooses to remarry or not. When your ex remarries, he can’t opt out of child support unless you have renounced your parental rights. This is very rare since most parents like to get involved in their children’s lives. If you are the one getting remarried and you make enough money with your new spouse, you can save the money for a college education. These records should be kept in case any questions about those payments arise.

Child support modification

You may qualify for a child support modification depending on the circumstances surrounding your case. Your Salt Lake City child support attorney can tell you more about how specific child support guidelines in Utah can be applied to your current situation. Courts generally don’t like to reduce the amount of child support due to remarriage or the birth of a new child unless the household expenses have significantly increased. In cases involving a parent who lost a job or whose income has decreased, courts generally modify the child support amount.

Child support arrears

There are cases that involve a former spouse that has not been providing child support. In such cases, the state can intersect your ex’s tax refund. You can ask the IRS to cooperate, even if your former spouse is filing jointly with the new spouse. It is important you act quickly with the help of an experienced Salt Lake City family law attorney so that you can get a fair refund.

Your relationship with your kids stays the same

It doesn’t matter what decisions your former spouse makes, your children will always be yours. So wish your ex happiness and soon you will find yours. Encourage your children to keep in touch with your ex and respect the new spouse. Remember both parents are important when raising children. A new marriage means new obligations but a parent is always a parent.

Find out more

If you are considering remarriage and would like to find out more about how remarriage may impact child support, consult a Salt Lake City family law attorney. During your initial consultation, you will be able to figure out what’s the best legal route.

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