When Parents Stay In A Relationship For The Kids

It is very rare finding a couple who can happily commit to living together for the children. When that happens, children are generally raised in a miserable environment. Even parents who try to remain civil, will have frequent arguments in front of the children, and feel lonely or misunderstood. If your relationship with your spouse has reached a dead end, a Salt Lake City divorce attorney can explain what options are available in your specific situation.

Your happiness is also important

It is natural for parents to think about their kids first and forget about their own happiness. If you have been married for a while and you have tried everything to revive your relationship but it is not working, perhaps it is time you think about your happiness. Talk to a friend or counselor to figure out what’s best for you. Marital therapy can be helpful. However, if you have already tried that, you may try a different approach. Perhaps a legal separation. Whatever works for you, you shouldn’t feel guilty if divorce is the only option you have left. Sometimes you have to start building from zero.

Reality check

Think about your future with your spouse. What are your expectations? You will probably regret that you walked down the aisle. But life goes on. Reality is always there, it just takes courage to see it. See what’s missing in your marriage and whether you are willing to live like that for the rest of your days. The answers come easy, it’s up to us to accept them as they come. You can fill your time with activities and friends, but it will not fill the void in your relationship. It is time for a reality check!

But divorce will affect my children

Staying in a poisonous relationship will affect your children even more. A divorce can benefit everyone but you will also lose. It’s up to you to look on the bright side of things. Single-parenting is not easy but remembers your former spouse will also be involved and so will your family. You will probably move to a new neighborhood and your kids might attend a different school but remember sometimes change is a good thing. A change of air is good for the lungs. Raising your kids in a new atmosphere free from constant arguments and negativity is often the best thing for everyone.

Some positive things divorce will do for your children

Divorce is not all bad. It can be a relief for your kids, especially if your former spouse was abusive or struggling with an addiction. Some married couples come to the point of avoiding coming home because they don’t want to deal with an angry spouse. Many parents that get divorced report having a great time with their children and happier life. The less stress you have to deal with, the more chances of having a fulfilled life.

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