How A Divorce Lawyer Can Find Evidence In Social Media

Many attorneys use personal posts on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as a key source of evidence during divorce proceedings. E-mails and text messages are also used as evidence in many divorce cases.

Finding evidence on social media

About 81 % of divorce attorneys report an increase in divorce cases that involve social media as a key resource to gather advantageous evidence. Social media is available to everyone. Also, the information posted can be misinterpreted and used against you in court. This is why it is best to abstain from social media during divorce proceedings. Exercising discretion can help advance your case and obtain the desired outcome.

Social media evidence is very important in many Salt Lake City divorce cases and a key factor in many other family law areas. For instance, if the salary or income of one spouse is in question, a social media platform such as LinkedIn can help find evidence that the person is actually employed and well able to provide support. Similarly, Facebook can provide evidence of a parent’s lifestyle, which can be used in custody cases.

If you are considering divorce and not sure which way to turn, it may be tempting to ask for help on social media sites or share your feelings but don’t. You must avoid posting things that can be used against you during court proceedings.


Text messaging is one of the most useful forms of divorce evidence. The percentage of cases involving this type of evidence is currently 90% and it keeps increasing every year. While texts can be embarrassing at times and a bit frustrating, it is also the place where most people are not mindful of their words. Texts are spontaneous yet they provide a window to the person’s real thoughts and feelings as well as intentions.

Computers and email

Emails are also a great source of evidentiary support. Depending on the specific case and circumstances that led to divorce, some spouses may e-mail compromising information, which can be used as key evidence in court. The best approach to handling this situation is not using a home computer or any other vulnerable methods of communication. However, there are federal and state laws that protect your privacy. Attorneys obtaining information through electronic spying can be at risk. This is why it important to hire Salt Lake City divorce attorney that understands how to gather key evidence without exposing their clients to liability.

We fight for your rights

We have extensive experience in all family law matters. We understand how social media can impact the outcome of your case and will make sure your rights are fully protected. Whether by gathering key evidence or litigating on your behalf, we are here to make the divorce process more bearable for you and your family. We can offer insightful advice about the type of information that can hurt your divorce case.

While every case is different, there are some common mistakes divorcing couples tend to make when filing for divorce, especially involving social media.

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