Is Collaborative Divorce Suitable For You?

Even in this modern world, where prenups are nothing unusual and divorce is no longer a social taboo, nobody actually expects it to happen to them. When you’re planning your wedding, you think about the ceremony, the dress, and spending the rest of your life with the person you love most in the world. How could things possibly go wrong when you’re so perfect for each other? Sadly, the vast majority of marriages start in that way, but a significant proportion end in divorce. There’s a huge range of reasons why your relationship might come to an end, but not all of them mean you can’t work together on the specifics of the divorce. If your personal circumstances allow, a collaborative divorce may be a good option for keeping stress to a minimum.

Collaborative Divorce in Salt Lake City

While you may believe that the term “collaborative divorce” is little more than the latest buzzword in the legal profession, you’re sure to recognize the benefits of working together in a civil manner to divide property, arrange custody and child maintenance, and the various other aspects of your divorce. Of course, if your marriage has broken down due to domestic violence, adultery, or some other factor that makes it impossible to put your differences aside even temporarily, this approach won’t work for you. In fact, attempting it could make matters worse, or even be dangerous in certain cases.

If you’re considering a collaborative divorce, make sure you instruct a Salt Lake City divorce attorney who is truly dedicated to helping you navigate the process in a collaborative manner. If you and your spouse can work together, there’s no reason to settle for a lawyer who stands in your way.

Perhaps you’re wondering why a divorce attorney would want to put obstacles in the path of a collaborative divorce. Well, working together to divide your property and assets, and arrange child custody and support arrangements can make the whole process quicker and, therefore, less expensive for you. Less scrupulous, money-motivated attorneys may see this as a threat to their income.

As an experienced Salt Lake City divorce attorney, I view collaborative divorce as a good way to make your peace with what you’ve lost, while acknowledging what you’ve retained. Working with your former spouse in a respectful manner is better for all involved.

Choosing a Salt Lake City Divorce Attorney

As divorce is such a major decision, whether you have children or not, you need to make sure you’re working with a divorce attorney who has your best interests at heart and cares about the outcome. Whether you think collaborative divorce will work for you, or you need a Salt Lake City divorce attorney who can fight your corner fiercely with a no-quit attitude, I can provide the legal representation you need.

To discuss your impending divorce, child support arrangements or, any other family law-related concerns, call me today on (801) 901-8159 to arrange a case review.

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