Common Mistakes People Make When Attempting To Do Their Own Divorce

Some things just aren’t meant to be. Some things just don’t work. That is why the divorce rate is so high. It could’ve been caused by anything. Maybe there was infidelity. Maybe you were just incompatible. Eventually, it all had to come down to divorce. This situation can get very messy.  Especially when children are involved and/or alimony. Even if you think your divorce won’t be too stressful because of the mutual understanding and being on amicable terms, it can still be tough. There are several mistakes you may make if you try to handle the divorce on your own. These mistakes include failing to understand child support, misunderstanding how alimony works, and failing to create a parenting plan. Hiring an attorney can make the process a whole lot easier. Their knowledge and expertise can help your situation tremendously.

Failing to Understand Child Support

When it comes to child support, many don’t know how it works if they’ve never experienced it or knew someone else who experienced it. They don’t know who is required to pay child support and who is the receiver of child support. It’s essential to know that child support typically isn’t all-inclusive. It typically only covers the basics; food, clothing, and shelter. Some extra things that might not be included are extracurricular activities and school tuition. These may require mediation. You should take expenses like this into consideration with your marital settlement agreement.

Misunderstanding Alimony

Alimony is another topic that people may not quite understand unless they go through it or know someone who has gone through it. Many misunderstand what is exactly, how it works, and when it is applicable. There is no exact way to calculate alimony and this varies case by case. Often times people assume that if both parties have the same or similar income, then no alimony is to be paid. This, however, isn’t always the case. There are other factors that are taken into consideration when determining alimony including things such as if either party has custody of minor children.

Failing to Create a Parenting Plan

If ex-spouses were on good terms before the divorce, then they often assume that a parenting plan isn’t necessary. However, things can change when the divorce is finalized. People may have different attitudes about their children now that they are officially divorced. It’s good to have a parenting plan agreement in writing. If a plan isn’t made, then this could potentially be detrimental to the child(ren). A predictable schedule and routine are often very helpful to them and create stability when their parents go through a divorce.

The whole process of divorce typically isn’t typically smooth sailing. You and your ex-spouse may still have to be involved with each other if you had children or alimony has to be paid. This can be incredibly stressful. Sometimes the court doesn’t take into account your needs, leaving you with negative consequences.  You need someone who will actually listen to your needs and concerns. You need someone who has the experience and has the knowledge to help you get through this hard time. Emy A. Cordano has over 20 years of experience in divorce law. Make an appointment for a legal consultation through this contact form or call for a case review at (801) 901-8159.

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