The Child Custody Battle May Continue After Divorce

Disagreements about child custody are very common in divorces. This is a battle that may continue even after filing for a dissolution of marriage and a ghost from the past that will haunt you for the rest of your days except you have a qualified Salt Lake City child custody attorney tracing a line in the sand. Even the best of relationships have conflicts about who should spend more time with the children. Everybody feels they are entitled to full custody but when the facts are laid on the table, there is always one parent who may have more custody chances.

The narcissist approach

There is usually one parent who feels he or she is the center of the universe. This is the typical spouse who will go to court and try to win all child custody battles without the ex-spouse having any involvement. While some abusive or negative circumstances may require this type of approach, in the majority of the cases, the non-custodial parent is entitled to seeing the children once in a while.

Coping with your ex

Couples who part in an accommodating way are very rare these days. Some things, including marriage, just grow apart. It takes a lot of courage and hard work to stick together in the good and the bad. Some parents getting a divorce will continue fighting even after choosing independent lives. The years that follow can become a rollercoaster if you don’t have a good Salt Lake City divorce attorney helping you with the aftermath of your divorce.

Pick your battles wisely

It’s difficult to figure out which battles are yours to fight. You may receive a few phone calls from your ex who seems to be upset about the child’s behavior. While you can obviously do something about it, both parents are responsible to educate their children. If your ex is complaining and feeling the burden chances are he or she is the one having unresolved issues with the child.

How to communicate with your ex?

This is not easy, especially for couples who got divorced due to communication issues. Think about the children and practice what you want to say. If there are any complaints, do so in a gentle manner without attacking the person. Offer suggestions of how you both can improve as parents and raise the children in a healthy environment.

Your conversation may be used as evidence

It’s very common for parents to record conversations and use them as evidence in court. Perhaps you became angry and said things you now regret. Don’t say things in front of your ex that can be used as evidence against you in court. Try to remain calm, particularly when hot topics such as child custody and child visitation are discussed. If you don’t seem to agree, contact a Salt Lake City child custody attorney to protect the interests of your children. After all, children should not pay for their parents’ faults.

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