Divorce Is More Common During These Months

Statistics don’t lie. With the summer months around the corner, many marriages are expected to end. Although divorce rates in the United States have slightly decreased over the past years, the percentage of couples getting divorced during January and August is still pretty high. In January everybody wants to start the new year with new things and apparently, spouses are not part of the plan. People wait until after the holidays and the joyful times spent with family to talk about ending their marriage. August is another hot month for divorce. Some people think that a good family vacation in the Bahamas will reconcile their differences only to realize they have reached a dead-end in their relationship. Contact a Salt Lake City divorce attorney to represent your interests during divorce proceedings.

The optimist season

The Christmas holiday and summer break is a time to enjoy life with the people you love. This is a time where we hope to start afresh. But some relationships that have already grown apart may not have much hope to ignite the spark. Look around and you will see even the best of marriages struggling to stick together during this time. Sometimes the holidays can be stressful for some relationships. It brings to the surface controversial topics such as money, exes, religion, politics, and the in-laws. In a recent study, Google reports more searches for the word ‘divorce’ a week after Christmas. Also, Facebook shows more profiles going from married to single during the summer months.

Who is getting a divorce?

Apparently, 60% of the divorcees are individuals between 15 and 39 years of age. However, the amount of older people getting a divorce has been increasing over the past years. About 75% of the divorces are filed by unhappy women. Wives are expected to do it all while husbands sit and flip through the channels. At the beginning of the relationship, everything is endearing but later on, these desperate women realize it’s not worth it.

How do you know it’s time?

It’s different for everyone. Some couples feel they no longer share the same interests. Others stopped arguing and respond to problems with the silent treatment. There may be a lack of trust and no desire to spend time with each other. Those tiny flaws your partner has to seem bigger now. These are all signs you happily ever after has come to an end. You simply don’t see a future with your spouse.

Contact a Salt Lake City divorce attorney today

It’s time for some action. Yes, divorce is a painful process but sometimes a necessary one. It’s important you choose an experienced Salt Lake City divorce attorney to handle your divorce case and fight for your rights. Emy Cordano has many years of experience dealing with cases like yours. She has the courage, sensitivity, and depth of knowledge to effectively handle family law cases. Contact us today and schedule your initial consultation.

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