Why Divorce Mediation Is A Good Option

Sooner or later, every couple in Utah will go through difficult times. Even the most happy marriages will have their share of conflicts. At some point, husbands and wives will come to a crossroads in their relationship where they will have to make a very difficult decision that can change their lives forever. Should I file for divorce? The answer is not always simple. One of the best ways to determine whether a marriage is salvageable is for both parties to participate in divorce mediation.

Under Utah law, couples filing for divorce are required to participate in at least one session of divorce mediation. It gives both parties the opportunity to voice their questions and concerns about their marriage to an independent mediator. Mediation services are offered by many Salt Lake City divorce attorney. Unlike conventional divorce, mediation avoids an adversarial atmosphere typically found in courtrooms. Both parties are given the opportunity for freely communicate their thoughts. In some cases, many couples are able to find common ground and reconcile. Here are some notable advantages of divorce mediation.

  • Save on Legal Costs: Divorce does not come cheap. Between the legal fees spent on litigation and attorneys, it can add up to a huge expense. Mediation is about bringing both parties together to resolve their differences. Instead of both parties having to spend money on a divorce attorney, one mediator is a much more cost effective solution.
  • Mediation Benefits Children: Children are often biggest victims of divorce. Mediation provides a far less stressful atmosphere. Kids often benefit by watching their parents cooperate to work out their problems rather than spew their dirty laundry in the courtroom. Couples that participate in divorce mediation generally maintain greater control of their children’s interest over those who choose litigation.
  • Both Parties Find Closure: Many couples that file for divorce in Salt Lake City are unfamiliar with mediation. The process allows both parties to receive answers to many of their questions concerning divorce and family law. It also allows them to become more familiarized with the process and how to proceed.
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