Online Dating Safety Tips

Online romance has become very common these days. Each year more people connect via social media and dating platforms. It’s important to use caution when engaging in a conversation with an individual online. The sound advice of a Salt Lake City divorce lawyer together with some dating safety tips may come in handy when being exposed to the unpredictable World Wide Web.

Avoid providing contact information

Although the online experience is often enhanced by what you share, you should limit sharing personal information. Sharing on multiple platforms can make you feel like a celebrity but it also makes you more vulnerable. Online harassment is very real and it can get pretty serious. Even when you omit your personal information, some apps such as Instagram and Foursquare will share your location if you are not familiar with how the settings work. Someone interested in you may search for your name on Facebook and find your number or any current activity that you have recently shared.

Too good to be true

Let’s face it. Everyone likes looking their best and the internet is the ideal place to create a false reality. In other words, the bathing suit photo in his or her profile maybe someone else’s photo. It’s very common for people to post photos of models or celebrities or create a false bio in order to attract more followers.

Be your own detective or hire one

Integrity is a rare virtue often tested online. Remember honesty doesn’t need a mask. If a person you are chatting within a dating platform is lying about their background chances are the truth will come to the surface. Give it time and ask the same questions in different ways. Just don’t be very repetitive to the point the person suspects you are spying on them. If you have any doubts, perhaps you may want to hire a private investigator or run a background check. on them. However, this may create a false sense of security. Some people’s records may be clean online but not in their town of origin.

Use common sense

Your instincts are usually right. Before actually meeting a person, try to video chat or talk over the phone. Also, it’s safer you meet in a public place and contact your family or friends to let them know where you are. It’s okay to confirm your date’s personal information and use a divorce attorney to help in the event that you establish a relationship with the wrong person.

Trust your intuition. If something feels a bit off, chances are your charming date is a scammer. Don’t forget to report the abuse on the website where you found this person. If you are constantly being harassed with texts, emails, and feel that someone is following you, find legal representation in Salt Lake City or the state where you reside. Stoking is illegal in all 50 states.

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