A Legal Separation May Be Your Ticket

Some people may feel their marriage has come to an end but they still wish to keep their married status as it provides them with multiple benefits. A legal separation deals with issues such as child support, parenting, and spousal support while the couple remains legally married. It’s an agreement that can benefit everyone while waiting for the official termination of the marriage. Find out more about the benefits of a legal separation with a Salt Lake City legal separation attorney.

Financial advantages

One of the most common advantages a legal separation can provide includes being able to deduct alimony also called spousal support. This is only possible if the spouses live in different households and if they are already legally separated. Also, you have the option to file your taxes separately as alimony is already deducted. However, if you consider filing jointly will work to your advantage, then you may do so as you are still legally married. Another benefit of a legal separation is keeping insurance benefits as married couples tend to receive more benefits. Military couples, for example, will remain legally separated and married for a 10-year-period in order to receive important benefits. This is also valid for Social Security benefits.

Your ticket to a divorce

Some couples may benefit from living apart before getting a divorce. It will allow them time to think things through before making a final decision. There is also the opportunity to establish the divorce terms ahead of time and you can also have details about child support, debts, child custody, and so on. Both parties sign the document and if they decide to get divorced in the future, the new divorce agreement will replace the legal separation agreement. In other words, a legal separation may be the best way to test the waters before getting into them.

Beneficial for children

Divorce can impact the health and emotions of your children. A legal separation may be the best approach to allow your children to cope with the whole idea. Also, they may still get to experience family closedness as in most legal separation cases parents are still living together. Even when couples live apart, the child gets to spend plenty of time with both parents and they may not notice as much the difference or rupture of the parents’ relationship.

Religious reasons

Couples that come from religious backgrounds sometimes like to keep their married status for religious reasons as some religions forbid divorce. With a legal separation, the couple can live apart and may even be able to reconcile their differences. If you come from a religious background, this may be a great opportunity to take some time off your marriage while still keeping and respecting your religious beliefs.

The first step

If you are in need of someone well versed in the legal separation and divorce processes, contact Salt Lake City legal separation attorneyEmy Cordano today. A legal separation may be the best decision for you and your family. It’s the first step to move forward in your new life.

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