Divorce (Breakup) During The Holidays: Your Survival Guide How To Make It Less Rough

Breakups and divorces are never exactly a super fun time. But when it happens during the holidays, the separation may leave you heartbroken and lonely with no mood to celebrate Christmas and New Year.

Fact: statistics show that Christmas and New Year are one of the breakup hot spots.

For all those of you who are going through rough times during the holidays – no matter if you were the one who initiated the divorce or was on the receiving end – our experienced divorce attorney Emy A. Cordano has prepared a handy survival guide for you to cope with the breakup and enjoy the holidays to the fullest.

Don’t spend the holidays alone

The one common mistake that people who breakup around the holidays do are choosing to spend this time of year alone, hoping to have a better chance of pulling through. But in doing so, you risk ruining your holidays.

Sure, crawling into a hole to lick your wounds may seem like the most reasonable way to live through the holidays after a divorce or breakup, but spending Christmas or New Year alone may only aggravate your heartache and trigger an unnecessary stream of self-hatred, doubt, crying, and other unpleasant post-divorce things.

So make sure you surround yourself with your family and friends, and most importantly, your kids!

If you believe that your ex-spouse may try to keep the kids away from you during the holidays – and you still haven’t negotiated a parenting schedule for the holidays – contacting a child custody attorney may be your only chance to spend this time of year with your children.

With the help of a Salt Lake City child custody lawyer, you can agree to a child custody schedule for Christmas and New Year (even if your ex-spouse is the most stubborn parent ever).

Our lawyer, who will be representing you in your best interests, is quite stubborn, too. And we never take ‘no’ for an answer.

Speaking of lawyers…

Don’t let the divorce court process suck up your holidays

When filing papers for an uncontested or contested divorce and trying to deal with the court proceedings on your own, you may not even have to worry about the holidays: because they will fly by and you won’t even notice them!

If you don’t want the coming holidays to become a nightmare full of jumping through bureaucratic hoops and dealing with confusing and overwhelming paperwork, you seriously need to consider hiring a divorce lawyer.

Not only do people who are legally represented by a skilled divorce attorney have a better chance of negotiating favorable terms of the divorce – including the division of assets, allocation of debts, alimony, child support, or the custody of children – but they also get to make the holidays less hectic for them.

Let our Salt Lake City divorce attorney Emy A. Cordano take care of your divorce court proceedings and provide you with comprehensive legal representation to help you achieve the best results in mediation, in the settlement, or in the courtroom.

One of the most challenging things if you share children together is to decide who gets to spend the holidays with them after the divorce. While about a third of all divorced parents are capable of reaching an agreement on child custody on their own, most people require the help of child custody attorneys to negotiate a parenting visitation schedule for the holidays.

Let our experienced divorce attorney help you cope with your divorce or child custody during Christmas and New Year – you deserve to enjoy the holidays no matter what.

Consult our divorce lawyer to learn more about your legal options. Call our Salt Lake City offices at (801) 901-8159 or send us an email via this contact form. We offer a legal initial consultation.

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