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Maybe Emy is the best because she has a perspective from several countries.

I was fascinated to know Emy is from south africa, where she saw injustice in families daily. I am just a local woman, never been anywhere other than mexico on vacation or to North Carolina to see my ex-husbands family on a trip so as you can imagine, I haven’t seen much hardship here in Utah. I think because of that I didn’t know who to turn to, my bishop advised I stay married, so I did for a number of years, unhappily. My ex-husband was mentally abusive, you don’t know just how bad it is until you can’t leave the house without anxiety and you always doubt yourself and feel terribly about who you are, you hate your reflection. I spoke with Emy and she set me on the path to rediscovering myself. I was able to file divorce and she helped me when my bishop tried to advise me against it. I am still an active member of the church, but I came close to the edge and without Emy holding my hand through the entire ordeal, I may have caved. Emy helped file, finalize and come out a better person from my divorce. I have a home, and can finally get back to finishing my degree and getting a job, something my ex-husband wouldn’t let me do. Thank you Emy for saving my life, truly. This isn’t me being sappy, it is me being thankful knowing someone was in my corner, for me!

Best wishes to you and yours always, Debby J.

Deborah Jennings, UTAH

Emy helped me keep the roof over my head and that of my children

We had only been married a year but had 3 children together. He didn’t cheat, he didn’t do anything horrible per se, he simply decided one day not to be married anymore and told me to move out and that I could see my children 50% of the time. I was gobsmacked and turned to Emy for advice. It didn’t take long after our first meeting to feel that Emy was on my side. She was very down to Earth, asked a LOT of questions but now I see why, because I got the one thing from the divorce I needed more than child support. I couldn’t take my kids out of school, move jobs and find a new home all at once so without Emy I may have found myself homeless, jobless and on the streets! She is worth it! Thank you Emy for a great experience and for a very fast divorce. I hate to say it, to anybody, but if you are thinking about divorce, have kids in the mix, are worried about alimony and child support, please think of Emy.

Jess Sturgil, UTAH

I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with Emy Cordano.

From the first time I spoke with her on the phone she calmed my fears, answered my questions and gave me expert advice. Emy spent a great deal of time with me and she responded quickly to messages, emails, and my calls.

She doesn’t mess around and refuses to waste your time, your money, and efforts. I loved that I didn’t have to work through a middle person to get my answers. When you are given back your child-your whole heart in the flesh, you just cannot put a price on that. Emy was willing to work with my finances and was very affordable. If you are looking for an honest-hardworking attorney, a real beast in the court room-Emy should be your pick.

Wish you much success! Hope you are doing well and getting new clients.I miss working there. You are a gem. Best,


Thanks for everything over the past several years.

I appreciate the hard work, long hours, and dedication given to my divorce.

I couldn’t think of a better attorney to represent me against my ex-wife. I hope I don’t need you again, but something tells me I will with the way my ex-wife can be at times.


Emy, Thank you again for your expertise in family law

and for your personal attention to J.D.’s case. We are very thankful that you and your team found your calling in life and pursued it. It is one thing to take on cases in your field and refer to them as “case # 123” however we all feal that you and Andrea take a personal interest in each of your cases or clients with compassion and a genuine interest well maintaining that “pitbull” attitude in the courtroom.lol

Best wishes to you and yours always, Debby J.


Emy handled my divorce briliantly.

During my initial consultation,I felt she genuinely cared about my situation and wanted to help.She was kind and never condescending.Emy was fair and efficient,and though when fighting for me.My divorce was an ugly mess.I survived it and was very pleased with the final result,thenks to Emy.I highly recommend her to anyonegoing through a divorce. She’s amazing

Max Collier

Excellent Divorce Attorney

Emy did an outstanding job on my divorce. She took the time to understand my situation. She was aggressive in pursuing my interests. Her rates are very reasonable. Emy is experienced, knowledgeable, and efficient. I would recommend her to anyone without reservation.

Max, DECEMBER 23, 2014
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Divorce Case

Emy is a wonderful attorney who did an excellent job handling my divorce case. I greatly appreciated her hard work; long hours she dedicated to my case; and the passion, loyalty, and dedication she brought to my case. I felt Emy handled the proceedings in a fair and honorable manner, while maintaining my best interests.

A Divorce Client, JULY 10, 2014
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Legal matters are never something a person looks forward to experiencing.

Those times come with tremendous levels of stress and uneasiness. Ms. Cordano was able to minimize my worry and concern by delivering an expert and transparent approach to my case. Her legal knowledge and professionalism orchestrated actions that resulted in a fair and mutually beneficial outcome. And, she accomplished this in a relatively short period of time. If your goal is fairness, with an intention of neutralizing negative emotion, I highly recommend Ms. Cordano in family law matters.

Legal Issue: Divorce

Tthayne, HIRED EMY A. CORDANO IN 2015.
Emy A. Cordano

Emy A. Cordano

I am Emy Cordano, a family law attorney based in Salt Lake City. I concentrate my practice on divorce and family law matters; I am not a general practice lawyer. Family law is all I do. Here you’ll find additional articles and advice that I make available to anyone facing family law issues.

With further questions, give me a call at: 801-804-5152 Toll Free

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