Should Your Divorce Attorney Be Female?

Choosing a divorce attorney is a very personal decision. The end of your marriage will open a door into the details of your life. Even the most amicable of separations can have its difficulties.

Who should get the house? How to deal with custody? Will there be alimony? What will your finances look like after the divorce? What happens if one of the parties gets remarried? Will parent time have to be readjusted if someone moves or remarries?

There are numerous questions going into a divorce, and many more will come up along the way. Divorce, the division of a shared life, will always be complicated. Your attorney should be there to guide you through the process, answer questions, settle when you want to settle, fight when you want to fight. The bottom line is, your attorney needs to be skilled with a great track record.

That’s exactly what Emy Cordano, the highly sought divorce attorney in Salt Lake City, Utah, brings to the table. Skills and experience, and personal experience.

Attorney Cordano understands that every divorce is different. She also understands that your attorney needs to be someone you trust. In matters of gender, can you trust a female attorney more than a male attorney?

That is a personal question. You may feel more comfortable with a female attorney, and therefore, apt to trust her more. Perhaps a female attorney will be more dedicated to your case. Female attorneys only make up 36% of all attorneys. If she feels the need to set an example for herself, a female attorney may fight harder on your behalf.

How important is gender when choosing an attorney?

Does it Really Matter if My Attorney is Female or Male?

In short, no. The judge who presides over your divorce hearings cares far more about the professionalism, ethics, and preparation of your attorney. It may make a difference depending on your judge’s gender, but it technically shouldn’t when it comes to the application of the law to the facts – which is the judge’s role.

That said, it may matter to you. Do you feel more comfortable with a female divorce attorney? There may be some reasoning for that.

Do Females Listen Better?

Some feel females are better listeners. A divorce tends to shine a light on aspects of your life and marriage you thought would remain private. A female attorney can be very sensitive to personal issues, listening intently so they can build a stronger case on your behalf.

Can a Female Divorce Attorney Settle Faster?

Female lawyers have a higher settlement rate. A divorce trial doesn’t involve a jury.  It is just you, your spouse, attorneys, witnesses, experts, and the judge. This is an expensive process because it is the judge you are convincing, which arguably is a higher standard than a jury. So settling out of court may be advantageous to most people. The divorce is finalized faster, often a divorce that settles is more amicable, and there is less stress for everyone involved, especially the children.

In Matters of Custody, Will a Female Attorney Be More Sensitive?

In divorces that involve children, female attorneys can come off as more empathetic. Female attorneys can be patient and understanding with pre-teen drama, crying little ones, and sympathetic to the need for children to adjust.

Will a Female Attorney Be More Relatable?

Many divorcing women feel more comfortable with another woman. They feel more understood. Women initiate 70% of divorces nationwide, according to a study from the American Sociological Association. As such, they may feel a female attorney can help them understand the impact a divorce has on their life, their children, and how they can help themselves.

Men who are divorcing also benefit from a more relatable female perspective. Men often express that they use a female attorney so as to appear less aggressive or threatening to the court.

Will a Female Attorney Help My Custody Battle as a Father?

That being said, divorcing men may feel a female attorney will give them an advantage for custody rights and parent-time. A man might feel a female attorney will make them more sympathetic or be able to settle quickly.

The “Mamma Bear” Phenomenon

When you are one of Emy Cordano’s clients, she will treat you with a “mamma bear” protectiveness. Going through a divorce is one of the most painful and lonely experiences. Adding custody battles to the mix, it can quickly get overwhelming. Emy Cordano will be by your side through it all. Rest assured, your children and your new life are in good hands.

Why Emy?

Your divorce is personal for Emy Cordano. Your case is not “just a job”, it’s not just “9-5” and it’s not “just money”. It’s about your life for Emy Cordano. She wants to make sure that your divorce is successful for you and wants to do whatever she can to ensure that your future will be intact so that you can start a new life. It’s not just about “the now” it’s about your future too.

Call Emy Cordano, Attorney at Law, Today

Emy A. Cordano, Attorney at Law, has crafted an impressive reputation in divorce law. Her individual attention and responsiveness through every aspect of your divorce are highly sought. When you need a Salt Lake City divorce attorney, Emy Cordano has the knowledge, financial savvy, effective strategies, and skills to see you through this trying time in your life. Contact us by clicking here or call us at (801) 901-8159 for an initial consultation.

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