Why Hire A Family Law Attorney?

Families are under a different set of pressures than decades ago. Gone are the days where one person’s salary could support an entire family. Gone are the days when a corporation was loyal to its most loyal employees. Gone are the days where one gender was once responsible for one certain set of things and vice versa. Today, our social-cultural looks very different, as well as our economic culture. Today we have industries that follow stock markets and businesses who are more interested in making a profit than taking care of their employees. We are also living in an age where traditional house roles are being reversed, changed, or shared. Although, some are resistant to change others are embracing it fully as it allows both sets of parents to interact with their children more; it allows for more flexibility of responsibility and opens the happiness to various types that fit people’s various needs.

But what does this have to do with family law? Well, as our culture shifts and changes so do our families. Not all families look alike. Some remain married, some separate, and some divorce. These big changes not only affect the partnership but also the children and pets who are involved. Family Law is an umbrella term used by attorneys to cover frequent topics that affect growing and changing families. Hiring a Family Law Attorney does not mean that there is anything wrong with your family. Hiring a Family Law Attorney does not mean that you do not trust your partner or intend to do something ill to them. Instead, hiring a Family Law Attorney in Salt Lake City is like inviting a third party into your relationship to ensure that there is no miscommunication, that new decisions are made with the best intentions, and that when having difficulty in deciding, you have someone there to support or affirm your thoughts.

If you are starting a divorce, in the middle of one, or if it has been over for years, a family law attorney can help keep up with the demands of your growing family. Just because of your divorce, that does not mean that your children stop growing up or that your career isn’t going anywhere. Life goes on after divorce. Plans change. For example, if you divorced your partner when your child was 5 years old, the visitation plan may need to shift to accommodate what your child wants and needs as a teenager. What if you got a new job in a different county and can’t keep the same visitation schedule? What if your ex-partner is getting married?

Hiring our Family AttorneyEmy A. Cordano in Salt Lake City, we will assure you that your plans are written and provided to the appropriate audiences. We handle situations like visitations, custody, child support, alimony, custody modification, domestic violence, parental rights, prenuptial agreements, and much more. If your family is growing in different and new ways, call (801) 901-8159 or click here to start a conversation with Family Law Attorney. Our mission is to better support you.

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