Death And Injury In Child Custody Case

You may have seen this devastating story out of Millcreek. A woman was killed after his estranged husband broke into her apartment and beat her with a crowbar.

He also beat his 13-year-old daughter, who was critically injured.

A police spokesperson said that the couple was having “custodial issues” which led to the incident. The young girl was just starting her first year at a new junior high school and was described by neighbors as a “very vivacious girl.”

This story highlights some very important issues. One is that domestic violence is too common and can turn deadly.

Second, custodial issues can become very complex.

Child Custody

Thankfully, most child custody cases do not rise to the level of violence in the story above, but they are still one of the most emotional things all parties can go through in a divorce or separation. Having an experienced child custody attorney in Salt Lake City can certainly help the process go a bit smoother.

There is confusion when it comes to child custody, so let’s define the two types:

  • Legal Custody – this means that the parent has the right to make important decisions about their child (medical decisions, school decisions, etc.)
  • Physical Custody – this refers to where the child will live.

Both custody situations must be determined in the event of a separation. It is always in the best interest to have both parents involved in the child’s life, barring circumstances that would prevent this from happening (substance abuse or violence by a parent, a parent’s criminal history, etc.).

There can be sole and joint custody for both types described above, and it doesn’t have to be the same for both.

For example, one parent could have sole physical custody even if they both share joint legal custody and vice versa.

One major thing that will need to be worked out in cases of sole custody is a visitation schedule for the other parent. Visitation is an important way to keep both parents involved in a child’s life.


When it comes to child custody, the courts will also have to determine child support requirements for one or both parents. This will be determined based on income levels, who has physical custody, and other factors.

Adjustments to custody and child support payments may also need to be made after time, depending on changing situations in the parents’ lives.

What To Do

We know that divorces are hard and extremely emotional. Child custody and child support cases can become complex, but with the right child custody attorney in Salt Lake City, you can be sure you are being treated fairly. Emy A. Cordano, Attorney at Law, is ready to help you through this process. She has the experience and compassion you need to get through the ins and outs of these kinds of cases. Whether you are in the beginning phases of this process or are looking to petition the court for an adjustment, you can contact Emy by clicking here or call us at (801) 901-8159.

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