Is Utah A Community Property State Or An Equitable Division State?

Divorce is emotionally painful and financially complex. Whether you have been married a few years or well over a decade, you stand to lose custody of your children, home, assets, and financial security. It is important that you secure the counsel of a financially savvy family lawyer who is committed to putting your best interests first.

Emy Cordano understands every divorce is unique. One of the most challenging decisions is how to divide the marital assets. An experienced Salt Lake City, Utah asset and property division attorney can help you protect your interests, so you can successfully move on with your life. Contact Emy Cordano today by clicking here or call us at (801) 901-8159.

How Are Marital Properties & Assets Divided In Utah?

Most states either follow a community property division of assets or an equitable division of assets.

  • Community Property Law: In community property, the law states property and assets acquired during the marriage are divided equally
  • Equitable Property Law: Equitable property law states seek to divide property and assets fairly but may or may not be equal.

Utah is an equitable division state. If you and your spouse can come to an agreement, the court will review your settlement to ensure that it is a fair arrangement for both parties. However, if divorcing couples are unable to reach an agreement, your property and assets will be left for the judge to decide.

The duration of the marriage will play an important role in how the court will divide marital property and assets. For short marriages, the court will generally seek to return each spouse to the financial position prior to marriage. If the marriage lasted years, the court will pursue a 50% split, or as close to an equal division as possible.

Other factors may complicate the proceedings. In many cases, a spouse may have property or assets acquired before marriage. Gifts, inheritances, and other property owned before marriage are considered non-marital property and are not subject to division.

How Salt Lake City Asset & Property Division Attorney, Emy Cordano, Can Help

Emy Cordano has extensive experience helping clients protect their future financial stability. Our dedicated staff will guide you through negotiations and mediations to successfully divide the marital property and assets according to your best interests. However, if your case must proceed to trial, few family law attorneys are as diligent, supportive, and effective as Emy Cordano.

As your Salt Lake City asset and property division attorney, Emy Cordano will;

  • Demand full financial disclosure from the opposition
  • Thoroughly evaluate all marital assets and debts, including any hidden funds or property
  • Secure the necessary documentation to verify non-marital assets
  • Assess the value of any business held by you or your spouse
  • Aggressively fight for a division of property and assets that will best protect your financial future and lifestyle

Contact Emy Cordano, Your Devoted, Resourceful Asset & Property Division Lawyer

If you are thinking of divorce or have already started proceedings, you need an exceptional asset and property division lawyer in Salt Lake City, Utah. Emy Cordano has the financial savvy and dedication to ensure your life after divorce is the best possible outcome. Contact Attorney Emy Cordanoby clicking here or calling at (801) 901-8159.

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