What Is A Divorce Decree And What If Your Ex Does Not Follow It?

Going through a divorce is incredibly difficult, and most people just want it to be over with. However, there are also divorce decree issues that you may have to deal with in the aftermath of a divorce. If one spouse does not follow the divorce decree, you need to know what to do moving forward. You can count on Attorney Emy Cordano to help you get through this. She is an experienced divorce attorney inSalt Lake City, Utah and will help you handle all aspects of your divorce, including divorce decrees.

What is a divorce decree in Utah?

A divorce decree is the court’s final ruling and judgment. The decree is a final order that makes the termination of a person’s marriage official. Every divorce decree will be different and specific to that couple and the facts of each marriage and marital estate. The divorce decree serves as a summary of the rights and duties of each party following the divorce.

These decrees are important and they always contain vital information related to the divorce. In general, nothing in the divorce decree should surprise either party in the divorce because these are all issues that are hammered out during the divorce process. They can include:

  • Property division orders
  • Alimony payment orders
  • Child custody and visitation orders
  • Child support payment orders
  • Other financial obligations owed by one or both parties

Residents in Utah can obtain a copy of their divorce decree through the Family Court system.

What if your ex does not follow the divorce decree?

A divorce decree is a court order, and it is binding. If one or both parties fail to follow a final divorce decree, they could be in trouble with the law. If your former spouse is not following the divorce decree, there are certain things you can do and Attorney Emy Cordano is very experienced in this area of divorce.

  1. Know your decree: Obtain a copy of the decree and determine whether or not your former spouse is following it. Read through the decree and make sure you are following all of the rules laid out by the judge.
  2. Document everything: Keep copies of everything that could prove your former spouse is not abiding by the divorce decree. This can include emails, receipts, photos, text messages, social media screenshots, and more.
  3. Speak to an attorney: You may need help from an attorney with experience on these issues. Attorney Emy Cordano will be able to look at the evidence you have gathered and helped you form a plan to move forward.
  4. Do not take action outside of the court: The only proper way to take action against your former spouse is through the Family Court system in Utah. “Self-help” is not recommended and can be dangerous.

Let us help you through this

If you are going through a divorce, do so with a skilled attorney by your side. If you are already divorced, but your former spouse is not abiding by the divorce decree, your attorney will work to ensure you are treated fairly. Emy Cordano is ready to fight on your behalf. She is a skilled and experienced Salt Lake City divorce attorney and is very experienced in Divorce Orders to Show Cause and in Divorce Modifications. You can contact us by clicking here or call us at (801) 901-8159 for an initial consultation.

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