Obstacles To Winning Sole Custody

Under most circumstances, biological parents are expected to make decisions involving their children. The custody arrangement is usually one of the most contentious aspects of the divorce process as there are often disagreements about which parent will stay with the children. If you are involved in a custody dispute and you don’t seem to agree with your former spouse, contact Salt Lake City child custody attorneyEmy Cordano.

Common obstacles

Some parents wish to obtain sole custody in order to make all major decisions regarding their children without having to consult their former spouse. However, there are certain obstacles associated with parents seeking sole custody:

The majority of family courts may not grant sole custody because they don’t consider it beneficial to the children. If you want to win sole custody, you should have an attorney by your side to gather clear and convincing evidence. You need to convince the judge why sole custody will serve the child’s best interest. If there is evidence of drug and alcohol abuse or domestic violence, you may have a case.
When a parent wins sole custody, the other parent may still be granted some visitation rights.

Some factors to consider

There are some factors courts generally consider when determining child custody. The most important factor to consider is what’s the child’s best interest. Other factors are:

  • Best interests of the children – This is the major factor. The child’s needs must be met in the new parenting arrangement otherwise courts may determine sole custody is not the best solution for the children.
  • Proper courtroom etiquette – Parents seeking sole custody need to follow courtroom protocol. In other words, no interruptions or inappropriate behavior.
  • Gather all the important documents – There are some important documents related to the custody of your children, which your Salt Lake City child custody attorney can help you with.
  • Court dress code – It is important you dress appropriately for court otherwise the judge may think you are disrespecting the court and an irresponsible parent.

How you can get sole custody?

It is possible to have the full parental responsibility of your children under some specific circumstances. While most parents may prefer sole physical custody, it is not always possible. Children need both biological parents when growing up. In most cases, even when one parent is granted full custody, the other parent is granted certain visitation rights unless it is not safe for the child to spend time with the non-custodial parent. This is the typical scenario in cases involving child abuse or domestic violence.

For more information about how you can get you, children, back, contact a family law attorney in Salt Lake City. We understand these issues can be difficult and exhausting. Lack of rest and stress may lead to poor decision making. You need an attorney to represent your interests and the interests of your family. Your attorney can study your case and see how the “best interest” factors can be applied to your specific situation.

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