Gavin Rossdale Regrets Divorcing Gwen Stefani

Not everybody handles divorce well. The same goes for celebrities. While singer Gwen Stefani has moved on since her split from Gavin Rossdale, her former husband recently admitted regrets of their breakup. In an interview with the British newspaper The Sun, Rossdale admitted divorce was completely the opposite of what he wanted. “Apart from death,” Rossdale said, “I think divorce is one of the hardest and most painful things to go through.” Rossdale and Stefani were married for 13 years and spent 20 total years together. The former couple had three sons, Kingston 10, Zuma 8, and Apollo 2. Rossdale, who was the lead singer of the popular 90s rock band Bush, is now a vocal coach on “The Voice UK”.

Avoid Impulsive Behavior

Gavin Rossdale’s admission is not unusual. Plenty of people throughout Salt Lake City have regrets about their divorce. Every marriage is going to have its share of rocky moments. Unfortunately, many act on their impulsive behavior and give up on their relationship. At the same time, there are also plenty of couples that stay too long in an unhappy marriage. It is important to maintain balance in your relationship and to recognize each other’s faults and limitations.

Nobody is Perfect

Many people are in search of the perfect partner. But the truth is that person does not exist. If you are having marital problems, it is important to put them into proper perspective. The reality is your spouse also has problems. If you have not discovered their issues by now, it is only a matter of time before they surface. It is important to decide which problems can be tolerated (snoring or an annoying laugh) and which issues can ultimately destroy your relationship. (Abusive behavior, chemical dependency)

Is Reconciliation an Option?

Couples that file for divorce in Utah are required to undergo at least one session of mediation. The process allows each spouse to voice their concerns and problems to an independent third party, who can provide valuable input. Mediation is not necessarily a solution to all of your marital problems. But it can help both partners engage in constructive dialogue and help understand their differences from the other person’s point of view. In some instances, mediation can result in reconciliation. In other cases, couples discover their marital problems are too difficult to overcome. Sometimes divorce may be the best solution.

How a Salt Lake Divorce Attorney Can Help

The decision to file for divorce is rarely easy. Regardless of the level of conflict, there will be a huge adjustment period for everyone in the relationship. When there are children involved, it can make things even more complicated. But sometimes it is important to get personal and legal advice on whether divorce is the right option. Salt Lake City divorce attorney Emy A. Cordano has represented many men and women who’ve had to make the difficult decision of whether to end their marriage. As a person who has gone through a divorce, she understands the perspective of many of her clients. Her priority is to always act in the best interest of the client. From the time a client schedules their initial consultation, she will carefully examine your case to provide valuable insight to help them make the best possible decisions. To learn more, contact her law office today.

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