Actress Uma Thurman Involved In A Bitter Child Custody Battle

Actress Uma Thurman has been known to portray strong female characters and heroines in her movies. From Pulp Fiction to Kill Bill, she has never been shy to show her moxie and mix it up with the boys. But now she is involved in a real life battle involving the custody of her four-year-old daughter Luna with former fiance Arpad Busson. Just like her strong movie characters, Thurman is not afraid to back down from a good fight. The testimony at the Manhattan Supreme Court has gotten ugly, alleging Busson had an addiction to prostitutes and threatened his former girlfriend, model Elle MacPherson, to wear a wire to record her conversations with Actress Uma Thurman. Bussen denied the allegation and his child custody attorney objected when the questions were presented by Thurman’s lawyer Eleanor Atler.

The Best Interest of the Child

Whether it involves celebrities or regular people, child custody cases can get extremely messy and emotional. It doesn’t just happen to married couples. Busson also has two sons from a previous relationship. But when determining child custody and visitation, the court’s main objective is to decide what is in the best interest of the child. Here are some of the key factors.

  • The court will weigh each parent’s conduct and moral standards
  • The court must determine which parent is more likely to have the best interest of the child
  • The court must determine which parent is most like to allow the child to interact with the other parent.
  • The court will determine which parent has the closest relationship with their child

The custody case between Actress Uma Thurman and Arpad Busson has gotten extremely ugly. Both parties are portraying the other as unfit parents. Thurman also alleges Busson had paid someone to take his Baccalaureate. Busson alleges their daughter had suffered an injury that required several stitches over her eye while in the care of a nanny. He also claims Thurman failed to inform him about the injury. The intense custody battle between the two parties has now gone on for nearly two years.

Types of Child Custody in Utah

Child custody cases in Utah can get very complicated. An experienced Salt Lake City child custody attorney can help guide people through the process. There are four major types of child custody in Utah including:

  • Sole Legal and Joint Custody: Custody is awarded to one parent, who will make all the child’s important decisions. The non-custodial parent will be given parental time
  • Joint Legal and Physical Custody: Custody is awarded to both parents, who will both make the major decisions for their child. This type of custody usually works best when parents are able to effectively communicate.
  • Joint Legal and Sole Physical: In this arrangement, one parent will have custody of the children during at least 225 nights a year, while the other will be granted parental time. Both parents will participate in making major decisions for the child.
  • Split Custody:  The court will award sole custody of at least one child to each parent when there are multiple children.

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