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Children’s Events — A Time For Memories, Not Fights

On behalf of Emy A. Cordano, posted in Divorce On Saturday, May 14, 2016

Whether it is a child’s first choir concert or a senior’s last high school football game, feelings of nervousness and excitement fill the air. Kids are anxious to show their stuff and often love being cheered on by their parents from the audience or stands. While children feel an array of emotions during these events, divorced parents may understandably be in the same boat, but for many different reasons.

These kinds of events often force exes to join together in order to support their child. This can obviously be difficult if the parents are on good terms, not to mention if they are prone to fighting. But if parents remember that they are there for the sake of their child, it can go a long way toward staying civil.

One way to go into the sometimes stressful situation is to think of it like a business. The interaction is like a business meeting with a difficult co-worker, and although they may put a bad taste in your mouth, you still try to keep it pleasant. If parents keep their emotions in check and set boundaries, communication can stay on track.

Speaking of being on track, the goal of the school concert or parent-teacher conference that you are attending is to discuss the childs’ needs. So keep it that way. Steer clear of personal issues and respect each other’s’ privacy. Only then can you really concentrate on the most important part of the event; the child and what they are doing.

When Salt Lake City parents decide to divorce, they often do their best to keep their child’s best interests in mind while going through the divorce process. As many parents may likely agree, that should also remain the goal even after the divorce is finalized.

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