The Happiest Divorces

Have you ever heard the saying ” if a celebrity can do it, then I can do it”? No. Okay, well it isn’t really a thing. However, celebrities are regular people just like you and me, but they get the fortunate hand of getting a lot of money for what they do, but they get the unfortunate hand of all their business airing out in public. This is especially true when it comes to divorces. Everyone loves a juicy divorce story. The more tears shed the better. Reading through gossip magazines maybe your guilty pleasure, but imagine someone reading or hearing about your sketchy divorce details? Yuck.

Thankfully not every divorce has those juicy bits. Not every divorce is riddled with shocking revelations of lustful affairs, hidden accounts, or dramatic bouts of violence. Instead, some divorces are amicable and dare we say, friendly. Divorces can be just as full of love as marriages even if the couple has kids.

Here is a look at some celebrity couples who successfully navigated through their divorce and ended in happiness:

  • Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton were considered to be quite a scandalous couple as they were into some quirky stuff like wearing a vile of each other’s blood around their necks. The couple only lasted a few years, but the divorce was mutual and “uneventful” as stated by Thornton.
  • Two Hollywood hard hitters, Bruce Willis, and Demi Moore are a showcase for beautiful divorces. They successfully divorced drama-free in 2000. To this day they believe in strong co-parenting and can be found hanging out with their family alongside their new partners.
  • Singers Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony took the D-plunge in 2011 but we’re very open to supporting their twin daughters. To this day they make sure to stay together for major family events and maintain their friendship after love.

So what do these couples all have in common other than the financial means to do whatever they want? Mainly, the big focus is communication. You don’t get to harvest healthy relationships without good communication. Couples who discuss their future divorce together are likely to have a more amicable breakup and less expensive divorce.

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