It Takes A Village

You don’t have to have children to understand that mothers and fathers can always use a helping hand. However, people don’t usually consider an attorney as a helping hand, but we can certainly be just as helpful as any neighborhood babysitter. No, as attorneys we probably can’t spend the night while you go out with your friends, but we can ensure that the custody plan between you and your ex-spouse allows for you to have that night with your friends. We can also ensure that your family plans are adhered to which can also give you peace of mind while you go out.

Our Family Law Attorneys at Emy A. Cordano, Attorney at Law, in Salt Lake City understand that families need help. We understand that not all family problems can be resolved over the kitchen table. Sometimes, for the safety of yourself and your children, you need a Family Law attorney to intervene. For example,  when you are divorcing you need someone to help discern the property distribution. The courts believe that the division of property needs to be equitable, but equitable doesn’t always mean fair. Judges prefer discretion in deciding which property or asset goes where. Therefore, it is hard to discern what the court will do, but with the experience and expertise of our attorneys, we can make sure that you are represented aggressively. This is to say, we will make sure that you are receiving access to the property that is rightfully yours. However, to ensure your likelihood of success, hiring a Family Law Attorney can increase your likelihood.

After the divorce is finalized, properly separated, and a plan for the children in place, one may think that worst of the storm is over. The truth is, the worst of the storm is over, but that doesn’t mean that you and your family will never experience a cloudy day again. Life happens. Parents move. Children become unhappy and want to change their situation. Sometimes parents need to change their situation. In this case, you need to modify your current situation and plan. Even though you and your ex-spouse may have a more amicable relationship, it is always best to have modifications and changes in writing.

The smallest percentage of children in abduction is from strangers. Most abductions occur by a parent or family member. Don’t let errors happen between you and your children. Use a Family Law Attorney to help modify your documents and ensure that everyone knows, including courts, where your children are and who is responsible for their care at all times.

No matter if you are in the middle of a divorce or 10 years out. You can always benefit from having a Family Law Attorney as part of your family village. We provide a safety net for you and your children. We have seen a lot of families go through hardships. Call (801) 901-8159 or click here to start a conversation with our expert Family Law Attorneys so we can help take care of your family.

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