Happy Endings: Divorce

As children, we are brought up to enjoy the idea of first comes love then comes marriage. Marriage is meant to be hard, but when you’re with the right person it shouldn’t matter! But, sometimes working hard just isn’t enough, and that the “right” person may have changed over time; you may have changed over time.  Huffington Post’s article, “ 10 Reasons People Get Married, Even Though They Know Better” includes reasons such as “the next logical step”, a need to “grow up”, security, “fear of staying single”, etc. Even though we all want to believe that everyone marries for love, sometimes that’s not the case and that is OKAY!

Divorce is very common, but the duration and outcomes can vary. Dependent on the person, divorces can go smoothly or horribly. Google any advice on divorce and most will state that you need to find a “divorce team” to help you through this hard time. Divorce lawyers help you stay true to yourself as you embark upon this incredibly emotional journey.

A good divorce is always desired but isn’t always the outcome. If it goes bad, it can go very bad. For example, if your partner knows that a divorce is happening they may begin to hide assets, create secret accounts, rack up debt on secret credit cards, or start to slander your name to family and friends. Your partner can turn hostile and damage your property or even worse, your emotions. Divorce happens. Let Emy A. Cordano help you get through it. Utah’s rate of divorce is lower than most other states. This can make you feel intimidated or feel guilty for divorcing. Don’t let it. You deserve happiness. You deserve a happy ending. Let Emy A. Cordano help you get that happy ending.

Starting Your Divorce

Emotions are messy, but so are assets and other financial documents. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Who takes care of the bills?
  • Will I lose my house or other properties?
  • Are there any hidden accounts?
  • What will future living arrangements look like?
  • If you have children, how will you and your partner co-parent?
  • Do you really want to go to court?
  • If you go to court, what are you expecting?
  • Are you entitled to alimony?
  • Are you entitled to child support?

Whether you are common-law married, military married or married with children, there are plenty more questions to consider. Each situation is different and having a lawyer by your side ensures that you get a fair settlement and/ or court verdict.

What To Do Now

No one likes to “fail” at a relationship, but divorce doesn’t always mean failure. Instead, divorces can show just how much you and your partner tried to stick together. This venture is just as emotional as when you got married. There is no guilt or embarrassment to find your emotional support. Let Emy A. Cordano help you create and find your happy ending. Call her office at (801) 901-8159 and speak with this professional about your situation.

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