Common Reasons For Modern Divorce

There are many reasons people get divorced these days. From infidelity to lack of communication to simply growing apart, it is common seeing couples having heated arguments through marriage. This hostile atmosphere and the lack of several other things in the relationship are causing many modern marriages to fail. But let’s take a closer look at some of the common reasons for failed relationships in our modern world.

Lack of communication

While most couples have different personalities, it doesn’t mean every little thing should be a reason to argue. Sometimes couples don’t take time to know each other before getting married and they create wrong expectations from their relationship. It takes time to talk about things that are important to you but it will definitely save your marriage. Lack of communication during the marriage can create other issues later on in life, especially if you have children and significant assets to divide when divorce comes upon you.

Money issues

Financial disagreements are very common in relationships and they will increase during the divorce process. It doesn’t matter if you have much or little, some people are financially incompatible. Some people are savers and others spenders, putting those two together can create conflict and cause ruptures in your relationship.

No intimacy

Many couples struggle with intimacy and they don’t even know it. A subtle change will make any relationship intimately estranged, which may lead to divorce. When one of the parties begins to feel unappreciated and unloved, he or she may think the best approach is ending the relationship.

Lack of commitment

Most people want to reap the rewards of a long-term relationship that reaches its golden years like aged wine, better than ever. Recent studies show that over 62% of exes wished they tried harder.

Too many arguments

When couples argue too much and don’t reach any resolution, it can damage the relationship. The main reason for these arguments to prevail is a lack of understanding. Appreciating your spouse, even if he or she has a different perspective, can lead to good things. There are times when you may not be able to repair your broken relationship, but you and your former spouse can still benefit from keeping the peace.


Infidelity goes beyond physical contact with another person. When you betray your spouse’s trust over and over again you become infidels. Even a seemingly innocent relationship with another can become an emotional affair, which is also considered adultery. While you should be courteous with everyone, reserve your special self only for the person you chose to spend the rest of your life with.

No matter how your marriage ends, it is always a difficult process. Salt Lake City divorce attorneyEmy A. Cordano can help you get to the other side of the conflict in your relationship. Sometimes people are not meant to be together and it is okay to go your separate ways. But some things take time to plan.

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