Being A Father Matters

Seeking to formally establish paternity can mean the world to your children, even if you are not the biological father. The legal father bears parenting responsibilities, including the child’s education, health, and financial stability. It is all part of the parenting package. Being a father matters to your children and it can also be beneficial to you. If you would like to protect your parental rights and make a difference in your child’s life, contact Salt Lake City paternity attorney Emy A. Cordano.

Securing your legal rights

Establishing paternity can protect your rights as a father. You will be part of future parenting agreements, including child custody and child support, and have access to your child’s medical records. You can also travel with your children and change their last name. Also, the other parent can’t take the child away from you without your consent.

Other benefits

If you are a mother seeking to establish paternity, you can also reap some benefits such as being able to enforce child support. Your children can also receive important benefits from the father such as social security, inheritance, and medical coverage. But above all, it will benefit them emotionally as they will be able to form a bond with both parents.

When paternity is established voluntarily

Paternity can be established voluntarily at the time the child is born or soon after. It can be done at home or at a hospital or you can complete the form later and mail it. It’s generally assigned to the husband or person the mother has a stable relationship with, even if he is not the biological father. It is important you establish paternity as soon as your child is born otherwise you may face other future legal complications. If you are married to someone other than the biological father, your current husband may have to waive his paternity rights unless the biological father is unfit to raise the child.

Establishing paternity through the court system

There are times when there is more than one alleged father or the father lives in another state. The best course of action in such cases is seeking paternity through the court system. Although you don’t need an attorney, it is always a wise hiring one. The mother can also file a petition and the other parent has a chance to respond. Cases that require the court’s intervention are better off with capable legal representation.

We make the process easier

We understand establishing parentage is important to you and your family and we will do our best to secure your legal rights. If you have any questions about how to establish paternity in Salt Lake City call us today and schedule your initial private consultation with a Salt Lake City paternity attorney. We also handle other family law areas such as child custody, child support, and spousal support.

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